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  aogpi  |  7

54- a friend of mine once pulled out his big tooth thinking it was a baby one. god knows how he got it out without realizing, and he's 18... so in my opinion, OP's mistake wasn't that bad haha.

  CondomSense  |  4

Where I was the exact same thing happened. There was a bug on my head and I thought it was a mole until I picked it and pried it from my flesh. Then I grew paranoid of those bugs and ripped a mole off. Fuckers.

  McLovinnz  |  0

haha ^ what a lame comment. sorry folks, next time I'll say something witty ie) shouldn't you know or feel you had a mole, and it shouldn't come off in one clean swipe unless you used a knife. please begin to troll how un witty my comment was and my lack of grammar . begin . now.