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Today, I picked off what I thought was a small bug feeding on my skin. I was wrong. It was a mole. I spent the next 30 minutes trying to stop the continuous bleeding. FML
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As soon as you started scratching away you didn't think "oh this feels like it's attached to me"? What did u use a knife? One clean fast movement.


Where's a thumbs up button when you need one?

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an FML team member commented, you cant thumb up an FML team member's comment. i think thats what they meant

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I wish I was up various people's anus' :(

13- you showed there definitely is a thumbs down button.

My question is how can a mole come off so easily? I mean, you just brush off a bug, but a mole?

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How do you pop a mole that would bleed like that so easily anyway? you must have razorblades for fingernails.

54- a friend of mine once pulled out his big tooth thinking it was a baby one. god knows how he got it out without realizing, and he's 18... so in my opinion, OP's mistake wasn't that bad haha.

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Where I was the exact same thing happened. There was a bug on my head and I thought it was a mole until I picked it and pried it from my flesh. Then I grew paranoid of those bugs and ripped a mole off. *******.

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This is irrelevant but I finally remembered my account info.

Skin cancer! Better get that checked out

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Now I understand I thought you meant a ground mole!

How do you not know where you have a mole? Especially one big and raised enough to be mistaken for a bug-those don't just show up overnight.

Well Dr. Amateur. Can you find anything else stupid to do??

eew . thats gross . why would you even .. !! blecch . K , no . just no .

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78- Your comment made me squirm lol. But I can understand how that happens

No they aren't. Moles are large bundles of melanin. And cancer cannot spread if outside of the body. How old are you?


Quit popping those skittles your starting to trip.

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... because that needed stated.

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Whoops! Commented on the wrong thing.

23- I totally agree. Everyone is so hateful now a days.

And thanks for calling me pretty as well BoredUnicorn!(:

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Hey regsworld11 what part of Texas you from

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Fort Worth but when I was in Houston I saw you a couple times

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How r we supposed to hit u up lol (on ur profile) since there is no message button?

haha ^ what a lame comment. sorry folks, next time I'll say something witty ie) shouldn't you know or feel you had a mole, and it shouldn't come off in one clean swipe unless you used a knife. please begin to troll how un witty my comment was and my lack of grammar . begin . now.

Its full proof. The cashiers get the reference 6/5 and let you go solely because your hilarious and Superbad was a great movie. fake id's

As soon as you started scratching away you didn't think "oh this feels like it's attached to me"? What did u use a knife? One clean fast movement.

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Perhaps it was hanging a bit and OP pulled fast out of panic? I've had a mole that was only attached by a little bit before, and it bled spectacularly when I caught it one day

Ouch! Next time actually look at what your picking off your skin! Hope you're okay(:

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That makes a ton of not really.