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  Twigman8  |  15

#1 is right on point. Something my eye doctor told me: vision is like your height; you can't control what's given to you in the form of genetics.

  Elban  |  20

You can also saw and stretch the shin bones. Popular with the vertically challenged. Some girls in Europe and Russian I believe that want to be models. Few programs on it

  MariaGiovanni  |  25

Probably for people like you who focus on the details that have nothing to do with the story. Also they could be American and just visiting France for a self birthday gift or in light of recent events there could be more serious reasons...

  MrSassypants  |  32

Customary sucks. I'm American and we use it all the term so I know firsthand it is dumb. It makes sense that one meter = 100 centimeters or 1,000 meters make 1 kilometer, but why should 12 inches make a foot and then 5,280 feet make a mile? It's unnecessary math, and I don't like math.

  darkaxx  |  9

Metric system is way better than the US customary system and that's why only 3 countries still use it and all the other countries use the metric system. Also even in the U.S. Metric is used quite often, that's how we measure medicine, sound, and computer memory.

  Mauskau  |  35

Height has nothing to do with age when you're old enough to post on here. I'm 4ft 11, I'd share this with my friends and family but I imagine they'd take it as a hint and buy me footstools for Christmas.

  FarmerGirl420  |  11

Actually, that's great! I'm 5 ft 0 and my husband is 6 ft 3. He always puts things on the highest shelf so I have to drag a chair around the house. I'd be thrilled over a footstool. Not to mention THREE footstools. One for each level of our house and one for the garage.

  midjigirl  |  13

If you've never had to climb on shelves in a store just to reach something you really need, like medicine, then you don't really understand how sucky it can be being short. Being really short and being really tall both seem to suck, so it's the average people that are lucky!

  gracehi  |  31

I'm 5' 5", which is average for a female, but I still have trouble at work, because I work in a male dominated field and everything is sized for men.

  devinaww  |  15

I'd rather be tall cause then people won't accidentally trample me in a crowd..
I'm only 5'3", but accidentally trampled a kid one time cause I didn't see him. Luckily it wasn't serious :)

  oiler  |  21

yea but... People always call me a midget because im a bit smaller and it gets real irritating... It makes you more vulnerable to getting bullied.

  kirkaygri  |  18

I'm so short I can stand under the shower head and the water will form a ring around me and I don't get wet. When I had my bathroom remodeled, I had everything lowered 8 inches for my height. I could look in the cabinet mirror and see only my nose and up. Sucks for the taller people in my family, but hey, they got over it, and I chose a long mirror and adjustable shower head. Still can't reach the sconce light switch. It stays on all the time...

  aecribb  |  14

I'm in a wheelchair so I have one of those and, while it does come in handy, it's not useful all the time, like for getting down heavy objects.