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Today, I had a minor outpatient procedure that required sedation. I am not supposed to drive or even be alone for 24 hours. My husband wouldn't take the day off to go with me, and instead of coming home from work, he is at the bar with his coworkers. FML
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do i hear divorce?

Wow are we married to the same man?


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divorce wow how heartless people. maybe he had to do it for work or he puts in 7 days a week of work and clicks in night time work so that is his only day off. there is always more to the story.

It wasn't even a day off. He had work, then went straight to a bar. Oh and Play has a point. If he works that much, and leaves her home alone, he should probably find a different job, because it's going to send their marriage to the shit.

There might be more to the story, sure . . . but sometimes it's about priorities and he has clearly shown her where she is on that list. FYL. Hope you get better soon and that you find a way to make yourself happier without trash like that

There could be important parts to this that we don't know about. Perhaps it was a leaving drinks for a friend of his that has been booked in for months now? Or perhaps you have been moaning about this "procedure" for such a long time that he just needs a break from your whining for 1 night.

You do not leave your wife who has had surgery earlier in the day to go to a bar. End of story. If it's a friend from out of town, which I doubt, you're just making excuses for this guy, then he probably could've invited the friend over his house so that he could check on his ill wife.

The way I see it, you either deserve it because you married an asshole or you deserve it because you're a whiny bitch that no one wants to spend time with. Sorry.

You would be surprised how many people marry assholes. Not the ones that TURN INTO assholes, but real true assholes from the start. Some girls love that stuff. Then they complain because they think it's cute at first. But after a while, they get sick of it and just want the guy to change and be sweet for once.

Haha, sounds like my aunt and her son. She thought his douchebaggery was cute when he was little, thought it was adorable when he would mouth off. Now he's a sponge on society who thinks he's a gangsta.

You're right, I have no "empathic" ability. I may have a bit of "empathetic" ability deep down somewhere, but why look?

75 your a complete asshole.

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Someone had a colonoscopy! But on a serious note, you really should have explained that he HAD to be with you after the procedure! Obviously there wasn't much communication!

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Ok the way I see it, your husband is a fucking ass hole from hell, or he is just a low life red-neck. Either way you should divorce him, and get with someone who will treat you right, and be there with you, when you need that person the most....but that is just my personla opinion, now I don't know the relationship between you two...all I'm syin is your husband needs to grow the fuck up and think about his fucking whife, instead of thinking about getting drunk and fucking his best friend...oh yea I hate to tell ya but your husband might slighty be gay....

no, every man women chose are "pigz"

Thank you for reminding me why I broke up with my bf. I have no doubt that he would have turned out like this... ugh. Sucks for you though.

Admittedly, my man is at times a pig but he's a good man deep down. He's always been there for me during the tough times, especially the tough times. He's held my hair back when I had food poisoning. He gave me tough love when I was unemployed and acting like a brat. He held me in his arms when I found out I had a form of cancer. He was supportive through the entire process and offered encouragement when I needed it. There are good men out there. It is possible to find real love. You gotta through a lot of jerks b4 you find the right one though.

edit ^ you gotta go through a lot of jerks b4 you find the right one.