By kaybear13 - 05/08/2015 08:39 - United States - San Mateo

Today, I got written up because apparently leaning on the counter at work is unprofessional, even if you're about to pass out and the counter is the only thing keeping you on your feet. FML
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The amount of idiots in management is TOO DAMN HIGH!

hoosiergirl94 31

Even if you weren't about to pass out, why would it matter if you were leaning on a counter for a few moments?


corky1992 33

Leaning does look bad. It makes you look tired and like you don't want to be there, but I can't believe they wouldn't understand that you were about to pass out. Now that is a bit ridiculous.

That sounds more like a reason made up after the rule.

I work at a store, just because i lean doesnt mean i dont want to be there. If i been working through rush hour, which is usually for bout one to two hours straight with no breaks or drink break in between, youre damn right im going to lean when im done because im tired.

report him to hr and then pass out due to severe exhaustion... then you get a raise

The amount of idiots in management is TOO DAMN HIGH!

I could understand why that would seem unprofessional. It's the same in Military. But when you're about to pass out, that's reasonable.

Next time, lay on the ground. Then they'll say you're sleeping on the job.

ancientera 12

it is unprofessional. but not if you're going to pass out. why would you be about to pass out anyway? are they working you too hard? either way you should probably talk to your boss, or management.

Honesty hate supervisors/managers like that. This guy at my work got fired for "walking to slow" even though he was on his break lol

Peacheess 14

i feel your pain OP that happened to me except i got fired :(

Why were you at work then?

Passing out can happen real quick. I doubt he planned it

Maybe you had a gangsta lean, and work doesn't permit gang-related behavior? True story.