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By  StarkWolf_fml  |  23

when the ovum first descends
tis expelled
and is expelled with the uterine lining
and the flow
and the menstrual flow begins
out the vagina
out the vagina it all comes sliding
no, no you're not alone
cause everybody bleeds
from time to time, so let it flow,
friendship fall apart,
and leave a shameful stain
on the white pants of your heart


Used to dance competitively, this did happen to me as well. However, my costume was pink, and thank goodness I didn't bleed through.

Sorry this happened to you OP, it's the worst!

By  Hellblazer_Sith  |  25

Always carry a spare towel or tampon just in case. Mine are sneaky as I cannot time them however early warning signs like boobs hurting and pain mean I know within the week I’ll start. But definitely FYL.