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By Jessica - 19/10/2023 16:25 - United States

Today, I found out that two kids were able to, without much effort, convince my 16-year-old daughter that her friend's house was used to smuggle out Jews during WWII. His house was built in 2007. We also live in America. FML
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Aspen_Grace33 27

It's sad how people will believe anything.

saransh 3

You better teach you daughter some history. And to be honest you will probably need to teach her whole lot of other subjects also


I've got a taste of nobody gives a flying ****.

Oh, the comment was moderated so now my reply doesn't make any sense. Well, back to my rock.

Aspen_Grace33 27

It's sad how people will believe anything.

yoyoyolol08 5

Her friends are rude and idiotic. The holocaust was not a funny thing that you tell jokes about

coughyochick 7

It was hitlarious. Now stop Stalin time on FML. You did nazi that coming huh?

FMLshark 12

You're right, 21. Jokes about the Holocaust aren't funny, Anne Frankly I won't put up with them.

How can you live with yourslef knowing you failed to educate your own daughter ?

thiscrazything 1

For the most part, the education system in this country is nothing less than a huge joke. Especially at the high school level. Nothing more than babysitters training kids to pass SOL's, and letting them sleep or watch movies the rest of time. Sadly the kids are the ones who are losing out.

OP, if your daughter Goebbels up lies that easily she is Goering to get played for a fool all through life.

Alright guys stop. This is getting Reichdiculus. It's making me Furherious.

People need to stop complaining about the education system. Yes, it could do better, but it's not babysitters letting us watch movies. The high school I went to prepared me for college, and guess what else? I learned enough that I was accepted into my university's honors program my freshman year. And yes, it was a public school. There are good and there are bad schools, teachers, and students.

And technically, many European and maybe Asian (I'm not sure about Asian countries, I could be wrong) countries only let their smartest students into high school where America forces every child to go to school, they can only drop out after a certain age if they wish. So yes, our school system has students that bring down our rating where those countries have only bright students. That doesn't necessarily mean the education is bad. Now the budget going to education is lacking. That's what people should be focusing on.

If everyone has such a big issue with the education system, why not do what I'm doing and actually go to school to become a teacher so that we can FIX these problems?

Because hiring for teachers is low right now and budget cuts in schools are getting many teachers laid off. Plus the job market for teachers is oversaturated.

Man, where did you get this information from?? It is ridiculous and false. I am French and I can tell you that there is no such selection in most European countries. Most of them make school mandatory till you’re 16 and that’s it. As long as you don’t fail miserably, you are entitled to pursue your education as far as you can go. This means that even very average students are going to high school, not only the straight A ones… The content of courses is imposed and we only have a few topics that we get to choose, for instance foreign languages. But up to 2 years before graduation we all study the same things in math, History/Geography, French, sciences etc. Then we will specialize in a field we chose, for instance, people who want to study sciences and maths will get courses with a higher focus on these subjects but will still get classes such as French, History/Geography, philosophy etc… albeit with a lesser degree than if you decide to specialize in Literature. I’d say that the issue in the US is the lack of interest for foreign countries or foreign cultures that lots of people have. I did my master in the US and I was amazed at how little some college students knew about the rest of the world. A med student actually asked me if England was an island and another guy if Napoleon Bonaparte was the President in France! Lots of people I met thought also that France was still a monarchy. I was appalled at first but it ended up just amusing me.

To SammyS2012 You should know that in france we make fun about americans because they are so dumb JK PS please remember the blonde mother who thought europe was a country ;)

101: maybe where you live. Where I am, there's openings for teachers everywhere.

Actually 108, I had my history teacher tell our class that; and she was from Germany and still had many family members in different European countries. I also met another person from France and he also said in some countries it was like that. Stop generalising people. If you met idiotic people in your experience here thats not my fault. I have also been to different countries; I have family members in France, Peru, Belgium, and Morocco. So no; I'm not completely America-centric. I am the first generation in my family living here.

108- You have just proved your point to me. Up until now I genuinely thought that England was an island. So I just wanted to thank you for making me slightly less stupid today.

The person 108 was talking to wasn't sure if England was an island or not, which is ridiculous and that's the point. But that was only one person! I'm 100% sure not everyone in France, or any other country for that matter, is a complete genius.

@SammyS2012 Can you name one european country where this is actually true? Shouldn´t be too hard if its the case in so many of them...

I apologise if I was wrong, but thats the information I was given from actual Europeans. Maybe they meant that it used to be like that, but my GERMAN teacher genuinely stated that you went to school and took a test in 8th grade. If you did well on that test, you were able to continue academics, but if not, then you needed to study a vocational profession instead of purely academics. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but I'm not pulling information out of my butt. This is what I've been from, I repeat, actual EUROPEANS. And no, I can't name them because I never said I knew I them; I'm just regurgitating information my european professors told me.

Sorry, if I had misinformation. But honestly, you need a better way of correcting something. And even if I had one fact wrong, you have no right to say that every American, me included, are completely disinterested in foreign countries. You don't know what study, now do you? Do you know that I greatly HATE American history but LOVE the rich history of England, Spain, and France? Did you know that I am, if i have enough money by then, studying at France in the summer? Do you know how my sister is going to Italy as an architect student this summer as well? Did you know my brother just came home from England after studying the semester there? No? Then stop complaining that all Americans have no interest in foreign countries. Sorry about my rant, but ignorance in foreign countries go both ways.

So your post says lots not every... Still; you are generalising a country based what is stereotyped. I have never met a person who didn't, or wished to, travel to different countries, especially Europe. My entire university is based off international relations and is OBSESSED with teaching students that America isn't the only country; that's why we have many international students; they are CHERISHED there. I'm sorry if my reaction seemed over the top, but I'm tired of people from other countries thinking that Americans are just fat, lazy, and ignorant people. If you don't want people generalising France and saying every French person is a coward, I expect that you shouldn't say the majority of Americans don't care about learning about different countries.

I was in 8th grade 16 years ago and there was no test I had to take to continue school and I doubt that the system changed that dramatically since then.

I apologise for being wrong then. I seriously thought that that was how the education system in Europe was. I probably misunderstood my teacher then

I think it is indeed not that easy to understand. Systems are also quite different in different european countries, in germany they even vary slightly between states. I also have some problems to understand the american system, you probably have to see it to really know what´s going on ^^

Well your teacher told you a big lie. I also studied in Germany (I specialized in foreign languages) and it’s complete BS. I have German friends and work with Germans too and I can tell you that there is no such selection. I met a girl in the US who said her teacher told them that in France we were sharing dorm rooms with 6 people! 6 people in one room? What are our universities, a prison? LoL (Our rooms are all single btw, unless it’s dorm apartments.) Don’t believe everything your teachers say, especially if they cannot back up their info with sources. By the way, I never implied to say that all Americans are idiots. Most of my fellow college students were very cultured and smart. Neither did I imply than all French are geniuses. I just said that along my travels in the past 10 years, I never met such ignorance on basic world knowledge as I did in the US. And my opinion is only based on MY experience. Sorry if I offended anyone, that was not my intention.

Well it's hard to not believe my European teacher on European affairs :( I... I just don't know anymore... And pinwheel: I guess that's true; I guess the one true way of completely understanding another countries' system is to experience it yourself

You're a moron. The European and Asian systems are nothing like that. You sound like a rich one upping white kid from Scottsdale.

Uh, calm down. I've already been told that I'm wrong and apologised.

mollymayan 3

Your daughter is way too gullible..

My sister is 16 and she believes everything. She's also very slow. But she has autistic tendencies and Savant Syndrome. Even without it, she'd be very gullible. I call it loveable.

Saying gullible backwards sounds like orange. :)

If you sound out sea gals flying low it sounds like gullible.

californiapoppy 11

Did you know gullible is not in the dictionary?!

Every 16 yr old girl is gullible. Look at all the teenage pregnancies!

Aspen_Grace33 27

I never truly believed people like you existed. Thanks for making me lose faith in humanity a little more today.

saransh 3

You better teach you daughter some history. And to be honest you will probably need to teach her whole lot of other subjects also

saransh 3

Thanks for the correction. But i think it also includes various other grammatical errors such as missing commas, will would error and what not. Please correct them too if you are literate enough or does your education limits you to only point out the trivial mistakes which a nutless monkey can do eating bananas.

Okay, fine. *I *limit *The last sentence happened to be a question, which calls for a "?" at the end. I also fail to understand what you mean by: "will would error and what not". Thanks!

sleepinginclass 8

Nice try. The last sentence wasn't a question though.

The Holocaust never happen. We all know that

Like keeping her away from white vans.... Yes, yes, specially the ones with the nice man offering you candy for free.

terrible_things 1

Hey, she could just watch hetalia! Haha no really, she does need to pay more attention in class, that is if she goes to school at all..

And this is the same girl who would go in the back of an old mans van looking for candy...

rebel_belle1974 5

At least they know some history, maybe not all

Most people know almost nothing about history.

terrible_things 1

True my knowledge Germany-A lot of Jews Gays Gypsies and Jew smugglers were killed. America-We ran away from the UK and now we've become really fat China-There are so many damn things made in China Canada-There are lots of nice people there

I wouldn't be too worried. As terrible as it is, some schools don't educate students fully about what happened. Especially those based in Germany itself. Some schools just focus on the fact that Hitler killed so many but don't focus on the geography of the war. Obviously I'm not just blaming the schools but hopefully she will change her mind when the truth is told instead of believing what she's heard. :)

Well then I must go to a nice school cause I learned about everything during WWII. We learned where, when, and how people (not only Jews) were killed by the nazis. I thought my school was normal. I guess it's pretty exotic...

19, you're not exotic, you're lucky. Not all schools teach it, hell, some schools don't get to it in the year because they're so far behind with their lessons.

imavelociraptor 6

Whoa... I must have gone to a good school because i learned about the holocaust in 6th grade... And i believe 8th also... We even had the author of '"Four Perfect Pebbles" visit us with her husband.

Some public schools teach about it. I read books like "The Twisted Cross" by Joseph J. Carr and "The Diary of Anne Frank" in 8th grade.

You people are lucky you only heard about it a couple times. I've been learning all about WWll since 6th grade every year and I'm in 11th grade now. And not only in history class but English as well.

You do realize that the diary of Anne Frank has been discredited right? There were so many holes in it. Not to mention the diary was finished with a ball point pen...something that didn't exist in that era. It was a hoax. Do some research man.

We've only learns about the Holocaust for the most part. I've had to read the Diary Of Anne Frank and see The Boy In The Striped Pajamas (such a sad movie) our school doesn't go that much into anything else on the subject of the war.

I learnt about it from year 4 onwards up until I left school. All I'm saying is watch Auschwitz, and listen to the German school children who think Hitler existed in the 16th century. each year information is adding

being given to us only about how bad he was. *

47, where did you hear that? That's the stupidest thing I've heard in a long time.

With_Love929 3

26- that's awesome! I got to meet felice cohen author of "What My Papa Told Me" in middle school. It's an amazing book if you're into individual family accounts of the holocaust. Just putting that out there. :)

countrygirl626 16

47- Even though scientists proved that the actual diary was written completely by her by doing comparisons of her handwriting.

#47 You do realize that the ball point pen was patented in 1938, and the first entry in Anne Frank's diary is in 1942?

The first book I read about it was in my freshman English class. We read " Night" by Elie Wisel.

terrible_things 1

If people want to learn it's called google

FMLshark 12

Like, seriously? She probably totally doesn't. Like, oh my gosh.

Mister_Triangle 21

Like, do you go to school and do you like start every sentence with like?

Have you been in the American school system? That may be why she doesn't know. My old teacher was a pothead and didn't know what she was saying. If I didn't take it upon myself to read the textbook end to end on my own I'd probably believe the same thing.

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