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Today, the first words I heard from my "good, Christian" future mother-in-law included a salvo of curse words and a hushed rant about "them dirty Jews". I'm culturally Jewish. This bodes well. FML
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  LyingBlood  |  8

I'm not real sure about that. I make Jew jokes, and I don't hate them. I'm also Christian. so I think it's the stupid Christians, or the are liars who say they are Christian, or act it, to have a good standing. like presidential candidates

  JohnnyKade  |  25

Christians do not hate Jews. I'm a Christian and, speaking for the majority, we don't hate anyone. People who hate Jews whether Christian or not are stupid. People who hate any other people for my reason are stupid and irrational.

  BrotherPhil  |  32

No he was killed by the Romans, on what was effectively a charge of terrorism, after offending the Sanhedrin, who considered him a blasphemer and a threat to their power. The Sanhedrin could have executed him themselves, for blasphemy, but didn't want to because he was so popular.

  interesting33  |  36

#43, I agree with you, I think that making jokes about Jews though is largely in poor taste (though a lot of my friends do). I don't know. Just be wary, because often bad things (in extreme forms, leading to segregation, Holocausts or genocide) start with something called antilocution. This is where jokes are made to show a group of people in poor light (Jehovah Witnesses, Jews, Homosexuals, Muslims immigrants etc.) and it becomes a common joke. This can lead to people thinking that being in that group is a bad thing and can lead to derogatory words being used for these groups (swarms, hoardes, cockroaches, scum, niggers) and that is when you are in trouble. Then, if these attitudes and thinking becomes common-place, people in these groups will be treated differently for being in this group, and discrimination starts. They may also feel unwelcome (e.g. if people make gay jokes or use gay as a bad word 'that's so gay' then someone who is gay might feel like that is a bad thing and unable to tell someone their sexuality). Eventually antilocution can lead to scapegoating and lawful discrimination and even genocide (Rwandan Genocide - a big sign this was going to happen was when political leaders called the Tutsis 'cockroaches').