By RayneWolf13 - 31/07/2013 06:31 - United States - Conway

Today, my husband bought me a big box of tampons. He claims to know when my period is about to start before I do. Sadly, he's right. FML
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I'm not complaining at all. Haha its just sad how I don't even know when its coming cuz it never goes in order. I'm very lucky to have him! :) Also, he doesn't buy me chocolate because he knows I hate sweets so he gets me water and pizza instead lol.

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And you're complaining?

He likes to know when he can have sex. What's wrong with that?


And you're complaining?

I dont know why Op is, that wsounds like the perfect husband, add in a chocolate rose and a romantic movie and Op's husband would be the perfect man!

He's a keeper, period!

chocolatefrog28 29

That's how he knows, when she starts complaining.

debbster7 18

Maybe OP is complaining because she's worried that he only knows because she's been pmsing?

K410 18

Ikr the dudes pretty good lmao

Iknoweverything 29

I used to be upset that my fiance knew when my period was before I did, because I knew that was a sign that I was probably hard to deal with... but then I discovered he bought a huge stash of peanut butter eggs for whenever I need some chocolate. Now I'm glad he knows, because it saves me the trip to the store. (Not to mention, peanut butter eggs are only sold during the Easter season)

I used to do the same for my girlfriend. She used to ask me when it was going to happen because I was more accurate than she was.

ha! women complain either way.

Gothicbunnyx3 16

Fuck those period calendars! I want your boyfriend I never know when I'm going to get mine!! Maybe it's because you start to get an attitude and become all hormonal.

You know when you get that voice in your head saying "oh, I should totally comment something".... Don't listen to it.

hcollins1 18

What women doesn't know when they're about to start? I don't know if its just me, but I can usually sense when I'm about to start.

44, if I'm not taking BC, mine comes without warning whenever it feels like.

Would have been a somewhat decent comment had the last sentence never been written.

#44 many women have irregular periods. And like #51 said, birth control periods come without warning. I know mine do.

44, I could never tell when mine was going to start, horrifically because of that, it started one day on the school bus when I was in 11th grade, and a friend of mine told me that I had blood all over the back of my pants, luckily I did have tampons and extra pants with me, but it was so embarrassing! Now I get a BC shot and it stops my periods.

hcollins1 18

90, I have irregular periods as well, and had to take birth control because I went 6 months without one. I've been off of it for awhile and still irregular. When I do get my period I can usually tell, it may not be that day but a day or so later. So like my last comment it IS just me.

93, Hang on, let me just get my extra pants...

He likes to know when he can have sex. What's wrong with that?

There are two other holes, sex is still an option.

That's a brave man. Respect!

Another option would be to have sex with that same hole. The survey I did amongst my friends claimed that if they were willing to do anal, they were also willing to have sex while on their periods. Butt maybe not at the same time. :P Book your flight around the world another date!

Coeliacchic93 21

Softcups are great for sex with a period, no mess and you can wear them for 12hours. An IUD is also great as BC and it practically stops your periods :D OP my boyfriend is practically the same he knows when I'm due and if he noticed that I was running out of my fave brand of pads or he'd get me a box or two of softcups :)

84 Softcups are great! I own a box of them and love that they're reusable (gotta save the planet) but they are extremely messy to change without having to do it in the shower. Especially for my first heavier day. :P But hey! Clean sex! Can't beat that, right? (:

92, are softcups easy to put in?

Coeliacchic93 21

There are disposable ones too! I used to wear a pad for the first day, then softcups till I stop. But now I've got an IUD hopefully I won't have heavy or irregular periods, they might just stop!!!

ShyAnn, are you really shy? (: It's shaped like those birth control diaphragms. It's inserted the same way and covers your cervix. Warning: it reminds me of an oil drip pan. But no lie, you can have "clean sex" when you have your period. Like I said, they can be messy when changing them because blood is collected and can pour over from the top. (But only when removing it) You also need to insert your finger in you to remove it. Look the product up. It's a great invention and I don't dread getting my periods when I want to be romantic. (: 95, yes you are correct, they are disposable but you can reuse them too after washing them clean. My one box lasted me forever. (:

Hay at least he's got you covered. And he even already went to the store and got them for you. Lol

"Hey babe I think I'm on my per-" *hands tampons* "I got you covered" *winks*

That's so sweet of him!!!

red225 14

Finally someone has learned the system!

And? What's wrong with that? That's a sign of a really good relationship if he knows that's much about you!

Maybe she prefers pads

Least he bought them for you.

I still have plenty of left over tampons from the last time my guy went to the store and bought me a big box. Hope OP's bf bought the correct brand and didn't forget the panty liners. . . Or there will be blood!

Wizardo 33

He probably senses disturbances in the force, very wise, he is.

KB616 11

Sounds like more of a convenience, not a problem.

How do you not know? Don't you develop a pattern or something?

Not all women have regular periods so some women aren't able to predict when their next one is coming.

150493x 29

Some women do have regular patterns but quite a lot can have irregular patterns, so sometimes you can't really pin point when you're due!

Oh, I just thought they did because I've never heard of someone not knowing.

When a group of girls hang around together most of the time, their periods start to slowly synchronize.

Sometimes, not always. I work in an entirely female office and I'm not sure if most of the women have periods anymore. Tell you what though, the man periods that the men at my house get are raging.

Oh god, 36, I feel your pain. Toss a bunch of video games and beer in the room, then RUN.

Shit, why didn't I ever think of that? I always kept offering them tampons but that only made it worse for some reason. Thanks!!! P.S. That wasn't sarcasm, I was kidding!

Jess0817 11

True love right there