By pompomkiwi - 24/12/2013 06:09 - United States - Portland

Today, I found out about my co-workers' new game. Whoever talks to me first loses. FML
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ha thanks for all the comments, I never thought that it would actually be published. To all those comments asking what I did, they were all mad because I was the only one who got a Christmas bonus, and this was only because I had way more hours put in then the rest of them. And too the comment who said I should try to get them to loose I'm gonna do that!

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This is why I appreciate my company's policy of salary (and anything money related) secrecy. No one is allowed to know other people's salary or bonuses to avoid situations like yours. Merry xmas OP!

You should do things that force them to talk to you, like accidentally bumping them or asking for work related assistance. Pick one a day, and have fun with your asshole coworkers.


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OR OP's coworkers are just being childish.

#1, I guess you commented first.

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It doesn't mean Op is a terrible person. There are a lot of reasons people can do these sort of things. However, it is still childish to gang up on someone. It makes for a strained work place. Even if Op was annoying, you don't have to make a game out of avoiding them.

It sounds like your co workers are not only immature but also extremely unprofessional. OP I suggest you take this time of no distractions to work harder and smarter so you get promoted. Then they can play their silly games among themselves. I hate bullies. ... they just never go away.

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You're a prime example of a person the rest of us want to avoid because you sound like an asshole.

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You should do things that force them to talk to you, like accidentally bumping them or asking for work related assistance. Pick one a day, and have fun with your asshole coworkers.

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This is the most idiotic genius thing I have ever heard.

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Yeah, this isn't idiotic. This is a pure genius idea! Hell, if I was the OP, I'd definitely take this advice.

Talk to them about the weather (or something), asking questions and forcing them to reply.

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Maybe you are so liked that people can't help but talked to you. so your co workers made this game to see who can go the longest without talking to you.

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Yeah from the sounds of it, OPs co-workers are totally immature... OP isn't really missing out on anything...

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No don't **** them. Just ignore them

You're not even playing and you're the loser

whenever I see a story like this, I always wonder: what exactly did OP do to deserve such treatment? I mean, there's got to be a reason people are acting like this, it's not as though everyone is an asshole except OP

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some people are just assholes like that. I feel those people should face jigsaw :)

yeah, but literally EVERYONE else? seems dubious. I wonder what OP isn't telling is here

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I am not perfect, but my mother was so Southern, she made it her goal for her children to be polite and kind. I try not to be rude to people and am a very hard worker. I don't make drama at the work place. But one of the girls I worked with over the summer hated me. She made it her goal to have me fired because the guy she liked at work happened to be one of my best friends and hated her. She got like six girls to start calling me by the wrong name, not speak to me unless they had to, and other really stupid petty things. So, my good friend and I were pretty much the only people not part of their stupid game. It didn't sit well with the boss and most of them were replaced. But it can happen for no reason or a very petty one. I don't think Op is completely in the innocent here, maybe a bit annoying without realizing it? But people can be ass hats for no reason.

I know a lot of cases of people at work being disliked and picked on for no reason at all. It's just like bullying. Someone just doesn't like a person and they get all the others to make their lives more miserable. Of course, we don't know the whole story, but stuff like this happens, and not rarely.

yeah I guess that's it. we'll probably never know all the facts

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Well they probably think OP is a loser or a little weird, or something. It sounds immature but we all know that people do that. I'm sure I've done it before at some point.