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Today, I was talking with my mother. As we went to say goodbye, she said "I love you". Out of habit of saying I love you to my girlfriend, I said, "Love you too babe". FML
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OP here. First off I am a girl. Second we were talking on the phone so it was not as awkward as it could have been. The awkward thing is that she didn't really approve of my relationship at first and still is getting adjusted to the idea. She kind of just laughed it off but I couldn't tell if it was an awkward silence laugh or a funny laugh.

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I would've just avoided her for the rest of the day... But seriously I'm sure she understands

Nothing wrong with loving your mother... Too much.


That must've been pretty awkward. When in doubt, dance out?

I usually go by the "when in doubt, whip it out policy" but i think dancing would be more appropriate in this situation.

I would've just avoided her for the rest of the day... But seriously I'm sure she understands

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Or... you could just laugh it off, leave it there, and forget about it. Am I the only one zen around here?

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You sound condescending rather than zen. You may have inner peace, but that doesn't automatically make your idea better.

It's fine you don't have to be worried. I'm sure she would understand!

@12. "Am I the only one zen around here" is a Daryl Dixon quote...

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My bad, I don't watch The Walking Dead.

#67 how did you know who Daryl Dixon was then?

You don't have to watch a show to know the name of a very popular character from it.

Hey, I know my mom is still a Babe. Maybe your Mom is one as well?

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You can be Stacy, or OP can be Stacy, but there can't be two Stacys.

daughter* A bit less awkward tbh depending in the relationship they have, but still is pretty funny :')

You should be thankful that you didn't call her something ridiculous like Lobster Butter and said babe instead.

"I love you too, Lobster Butter." What the ****?

At least in that case you could say that it's an inside joke with a friend or something. With saying "babe" it's hard to talk yourself back out.


I've done this too. so awkward lol feel for you OP but hopefully you both had a laugh and moved on

This has happened to me, but the other way around, my boyfriend has called me "mum" more than once...

32, now that's worse, lol. But hey, at least you know your boyfriend loves his mom and has no issues saying it to her every day! Watch how a guy treats his mom, it's often a good indicator of how he treats women in general and how he'll treat you.

Oh yeah, we've been together for years now and I'm pregnant with our first child. He treats me like a queen, it's totally worth being called "mum" a couple of times!


congrats on the baby! and sometimes you get so in the habit of saying something like my boyfriend and I were living with each other and I saw him every day obviously so when my mom called every once in a while and said I love you it was automatic to say I love you too baby.

For the first two months of my relationship, I accidentally called every member of my family "babe" multiple times. It happens dude. :/

Completely understandable and socially acceptable had the OP been from somewhere in the southern USA

God this cliché about people from the south of the US is so annoying...

the only comment that's actually made me laugh in a while

I still find the southern jokes funny. It's a joke. It's not like people think everyone from the south is actually incest. We have this really small hick town by my camp and we always joke about the same thing. We say they're all dating/marrying their cousins there. It's still funny.


exactly #53 I'm from Texas and I think the jokes are funny. People all over the world have stereotypes, they have them for a reason. not everyone fits the stereotype buy a lot do. for instance I have friends with horns on their cars and trucks. I ride horses. I know how to rope. I can shoot. all my friends hunt. I can make a mean sausage gravy and biscuits from scratch. and pecan pie is the shit. Even though I recently moved out of state I still think its the best state in the country. I have a couple friends from Arkansas and I make fat incest jokes all the time, and neither of them are fat or incest. they are jokes. If they offend you then politely ask the person saying them to stop, if you're annoyed with them then don't get on the internet.

Nothing wrong with loving your mother... Too much.

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my sister and i have both out of habit said babe to each other a few times, it's actually funny and we always joke about it!!