By Mandy - 09/05/2009 06:19 - United States

Today, I finished a drawing that I spent over 14 hours working on for my mom for Mother's Day. I took it outside to seal it with fixative. I took of the clear lid, shook the can, then sprayed red spray paint all over my art. FML
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Always check the label on the can before spraying!

That sucks. Probably the OP didn't check the label because 14 hours of doing anything will make you a little disoriented... Coffee FTW.


Awh! this makes me kinda sad. Thats awful! I hope you find something else to give her, even tho it wont mean as much. Maybe show her the drawing and be like I spent sooo long on this for you, and then tell her the story. I'm sure she will appreciate your hard work, even if the end result isn't what you planned it to be.

Today, I was finished as a beautiful painting. As I was being readied for shipment to my master's mother, my master proceeds to rape my beauty by dousing me in red spray paint. FML

panicked 0

lawl #9. Honey I'm so sorry. That happened to me once or twice before and it is a pain the the ass. :I For a different gift, you can tell her you're on FML! WOO.

AnaMaree 0

Give it to her anyway and make it look really kindergartner-ish. Moms love that.

Try to shape the red-sprayed splotch into heart & let the rest of it as a beautiful surrounding. Then tell her it's an abstract painting of some kind. Anyhow I bet she'll appreciate your effort. Post another FML if she didn't.

Ouch, that should be an illustrated one, but I bet from now on you will spray on the ground/scrap first lol

omg that sucks :( all that hard work... well hope it goes well for u. but yea i agree with #18.

correction... "I took OFF the clear lid...."