By Blondegirl - 07/11/2009 12:55 - United States

Today, I dyed my hair blonde for my boyfriend, hoping it would help spice up our sex life. His response? It's still a few shades off from his favorite porn star. FML
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If he is comparing you to a porn star, he isn't worth his weight in warm spit. Dump him and find someone who sees you as a person before anything else.

Yeah my ex boyfriend wanted me to dye my hair blonde and he was a jackass. I suspect it's the same with this guy. Nothing you do will ever be quite good enough.


YDI for not being as hawt as s pornstar.

Pornstars aren't actually pretty sometimes - it may just be the whole shitload of makeup

#12 The FML only mentions here colour hair and nothing else about her looks. So you have no clue whether or not she is "as 'hot' as a pornstar". The lack of logic you show is making me cringe. I'll assume you're a frustrated edgy teen and just blurted something stupid in order to get attention you didn't get from your parents.

your an idiot.

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ur an idiot and hes an assh*le!!!

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Katie Morgan?

17 HELL YEAH!!!11!!!1!!!

People need to stop putting questions as the second last sentence. It's starting to get annoying as hell.

Don't change your appearance JUST because someone else wants you to. I hope you at least dyed your hair because you wanted to, too.

um. your boyfriend is a loser. but so are you for dying your hair.

Soooo???? So what if his favorite porn star's hair is different. It's not like u were trying to look like her, right? I hope not. U are U hon! Make new fantasies with him :):);) U shouldn't have to, nor want to compete with something that isn't real. Make sense?