By ShadowReaper101 - 29/12/2012 07:41 - United States - Lake Forest

Today, I was walking in the park, when a kid ran up and hit me in the stomach. He said, "Don't get mad, get glad!" and ran off. FML
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Hi, OP here. First, I can't just hit a kid, even if he punched me. And second, his Dad wasn't in sight. So I couldn't have really done anything.

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1dvs_bstd 41

That lil bastard! I'd run after him... all the way to his parents, I would!


Yes, punching children is always a solution

1- I would rather choose getting hit in the stomach than getting ass-raped in prison.

That saggy pants trend that so many wear now a days-- came from prison to inform others that they are "up" for a little butt action. Easy access, guys! :P

I agree with you enslaved, saggy pants is the epitome of brain dead dumb *****.

one could say the same about skinny out

how is wearing a pair of jeans properly that just so happen to hold to your skin make one brain dead? its the fact of people with extremely saggy pants wear the waist around their knees. having saggy pants that just have a lot of room to them, but the waist is still around their waist, then they are not the brain dead people we are talking about.

I would have hit him back. Where the **** were his parents? That is kinda funny though.

Depending on how old the kid was, I could see him being there alone. But by that age he should also certainly know not to hit people, especially random strangers. Of course, there are also some "parents" who will stand by, watch their kid do something like that, and then gush about how "cute" it is. And people wonder why kids get so out of control....

I was on the bus a few years ago, and this little girl started yanking my hair. The parents thought that it was totally adorable and funny that their spawn was grabbing handfuls of a complete stranger's hair on the bus, and made no absolutely attempt to stop it.

Personally I would have smacked the little girl and the parents

Then someone would have to smack you and your parents. violence is not the solution. previous post: report them to the driver and see how smug they are when they are walking home.

Let me get this straight. 2 posts same message as 1 with a tiny bit more included. 1 is about to be buried but 2 has 14 thumbs up.

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1dvs_bstd 41

That lil bastard! I'd run after him... all the way to his parents, I would!

Right_in_Two 5
Right_in_Two 5

Well, most kids I know would do that and end up insulting the person they hit. So there's that.

Do either of the things you just said make sense to you?

33- "hit me up"= "pick me up" you know 'cept he just replaced pick with hit.

Right_in_Two 5

Yeah, I noticed it after I posted the comment. Thumbed it down afterwards xD

Wishez 12

I think she should have bagged the little tyke and ply-ed him with a little adult wisdom before he stretches someones patients to the breaking point.

Haha shoulda tripped him as he tried to run off

I would've yelled after him that I was pregnant and made him feel a tad bit guilty...maybe he'd learn something.

I'm so sorry that since I'm on the mobile version it doesn't show me the gender of the op or their user. Completely my fault. It also isn't possible that I meant if it happened to me, that that's what I would have done. Nope.

Uh actually the mobile version does say the gender. I'm using it right now.

^ Yep. I'm using the mobile version right now. Nice try, though.

Have you considered that on various phones the mobile version looks different? -.- The gender and the username don't show up on the blackberry version. All I see is the FML post, the twitter and facebook likes, YDI or FYL and the comments. Sorry to burst your bubbles.

take a look at the symbol in the upper right corner of the FML.


I'm on the mobile version and it doesn't show the gender. It used to, but then it updated and now it doesn't.

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83 - Really? It still shows it for me... It's in the upper left corner.

It wouldn't work for OP, who's a guy. That kid's a little shit, and if he's old enough to be running through a park without his parents helicoptering him, then he's old enough to know you don't hit people.

lissa_jade 22

that's when you punch him back and yell, "don't get mad, get EVEN," and run away giggling.