By hatemyjob - 15/12/2015 00:15 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, after working at the same place for 3 years, I found out that they are not only cutting my hours but now I have to take orders from some girl I trained because she was promoted over me. FML
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I'm being the devil's advocate here but it is possible that this girl is simply better than you now. Just because you trained her does not mean that she will always be less qualified than you.

whatarethisss 23

Not being rude, but try finding a different job. I know I wouldn't wanna work for someone I trained.


91hayek 31

Never make yourself so invaluable that they can't promote you. You sound very proficient at the level you're at, and at one time that made you indispensable, but 3 years on they seem to find you static. Hope its not too late to switch things up a bit.

askullnamedbilly 33

They cut her hours, so I highly doubt they think she's invaluable.

91hayek 31

I meant at one time she was. Enough that they let her train someone. Maybe now, not so much.

Sorry OP but just because you have worked there longer it doesnt mean you're more deserving than her. Promotions are earned by hard work and results. Mostly. Either way, hope things go better for you in your job soon. Good luck!

its not about the job that you're concerned I suppose, op you are giving a spark to The creator VS The creation debate and its never gonna end

welcome to the corporate world

Mathalamus 24

Too bad, life is very unfair. She got promoted. You didn't. Seems like you failed at some point.

Does your name happen to be Dorothy? Hahaha!

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@20 Is there a reference here that I'm missing?

Maybe, just maybe, they promoted her because she was simply better than you. Seeing as you hate your job and they're cutting your hours, chances are, she's more motivated and more efficient than you.

IvyChennyChen 21

i hope you were nice to her

This is why u have to put yourself in a position of value. Regardless of your circumstances or the world will chew you up like a pack of coyotes to a recently aborted child by Planned Parenthood.

Mathalamus 24

It's not quite that unfair...

That's a rather specific and disturbingly graphic comparison there #28...

When I used to work for McDonald's and minimum wage went up. I lost my raise but all the new people that joined after got it. Lost my raise for being a crew trainer that way too. I kinda understand how you feel sorry OP.