By SteamyPenguin - 13/03/2015 15:04 - Australia - Granville

Today, one of the guys I work with ran his finger down the back of my shirt and said, "Just checking to see if you're wearing a bra today". FML
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SteamyPenguin tells us more.

Thanks for all the comments, I wish I would have had the guts to carry out half of them. This ’Today’ happened a few years ago when I was much less confident. He was a senior Doctor and a renown pervert. I have been reminded of it because a woman has been in the news lately saying that sexisim is rife in the medical profession and that if we want to get ahead we should just shut up and put up with it. I don’t want to get into it any further, but it brought back some unpleasant memories as a young health professional. Believe it or not, this one one of the minor pervy things that he did. I had a series of badges in the shape of different animals with my name on it, and he would comment on it whenever I wore them saying things like ‘Cat on a mountain’ or ‘Tiger on a mountain’, the mountain referring to my breast. I loved those badges, and spent quite a bit of money on them, from then on I could not wear them without thinking I was doing something wrong. Honestly there were so many different incidents that you block them out.

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Punch him in the crotch and say you were checking for a cup.

Punch him in the balls and say just making sure you didn't bring your ****** to work today.


Punch him in the crotch and say you were checking for a cup.

I can see why they call you dramatic Emily. (You're totally right though.)

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Your comment can't be voted for enough! Couldn't report the harassment to HR after that but it would be sooo worth it!

Punch him in the balls and say just making sure you didn't bring your ****** to work today.

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What he did takes being a ****. Nothing more, nothing less.

That implies having a ****** is a bad thing. The cup response above you is much better.

#42 It's not just "could been seen as" sexual harassment. It IS sexual harassment.

#73 having a ****** is bad for a guy. And vice versa

83: Having a guy is bad for a ******?

#42, what he did did not take 'balls.' it takes an empty head. And it doesn't seem like sexual harassment, it IS sexual harassment. I see a lawsuit in your future.

To quote Betty White, "Why do people say "grow some balls"? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a ******. Those things can take a pounding."

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That's when you file a restraining order

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Someone should run a finger across the top of his head and say just checking if you have your brain today.

OR "this is a hungry brain sucker, and it's STILL hungry!" Lol we used to always say that when we were kids hehe

Tase him then say just checking to see if my taser still works.

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What a creep! No doubt fyl :/

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note to self: stay away from this guy^

#9, something is really wrong with you.

well that's a sexual harassment report for HR if I ever heard one.