Timing matters

By efff my life. - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - Canada

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me while I was driving her to a surprise party where I was going to propose. FML
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Stop the car and drop her off, make the bitch walk.

MrsLender_fml 3

Surprise to youuuuuu!


MrsLender_fml 3

Surprise to youuuuuu!

Better than her turning you down in front of all your friends and family...

GreenMaze 0

Keep driving and drop her to some unknown place.

I like 21's idea

#10 that is exactly what I was going to say

think positive, now you have a ring.

she was waiting too long for a proposal... 10 years is a long time op ;)

fat_snooki_lol 6

Ask for a goodbye ******* and drop her at the party with **** through her hair for all and sundry to see. Then you jet off for coffee and cake somewhere else with a dirty big grin. That's how you fix that bitch.

What happens in vegas moment

lakeybalboa 0

10- now he has to explain why they didnt show up

CooLbEAnS1096 0

she probably found out you were going to propose and didn't want to say no in front of everyone at the party. tough break though

think positive, at least you saved yourself being turned down.

zachhasse 0

haha listen to #21

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Yo_daddy 0

pretty sure that was off a movie

LexusRenee 6

what did you do ?

why is it always assumed in these kind of fmls that the guy is at fault. it could just be that the guys was going to propose to a bitch.

Your right, what a foolish b*tch some girls can be so stuck up.

ElGranOrgo 0

same thing happened to me except she did it a week before the party.

labudamike 6

what's the big deal "what did you do" what the hell is everyone freaking out about the comment and the girl Isn't necessarily a bitch she broke up with him and had no idea what was planned it was just bad timing

y would u Everrrrrr ask that it's just going to make someone really sad even sadder... hmmm let me think how sad would u be? think b4 u say

BrittanyCelesteP 0

She has good timing... o_o

ange17 7

maybe she knew

Damn, that sucks OP. Did you still take her to the party?

pull over and eject passenger headfirst :)

I guess the surprise was for OP instead... SURPRISE!

TylersMB 0

damn, thats sad =. FYL.

Stonedmanalex 0

it is sad

Very sad, indeed so.

Stop the car and drop her off, make the bitch walk.

yeah and tell her to f*** off bi*ch

wow poor guy...why did she do it?

yeah...maybe she was tired of waiting...the poor guy got the hint and planned that party etc...if she loved him she should have been patient...I mean what's the huge rush to get married anyways ey

or perhaps op has the personality of a toilet paper tube, gets irritated easily, and doesn't take any of his now-ex's thoughts into consideration? not every woman wants to get engaged/ married, and not all of the women who do are so desperate that they'll wait around and hope for a loser to finally shape up.

You just gave OP a ton of shit without knowing anything at all about the actual story. Way to go asshole.

Well that kinda...backfired. Looks like your element of surprise turned into ruins. Sorry bro

129 that wasnt random at all...

# 129 that was random!!

Malkria 1

I agree with 6, you should have stopped the car and made her ass walk home!!!