By HMM - 28/07/2010 11:42 - United States

Today, I received a call while at the dispatch station for the Naval hospital I work at. It was a woman having a panic attack. Apparently, she couldn't plug her vacuum in, and was more or less freaking out. I had to take her in anyway. FML
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dynky 3

er, yeah, if someone's having a panic attack you do need to take care of them. It doesn't matter why. If she was panicking about something that was actually panic-worthy, that wouldn't be a mental health problem, would it?

AGGoddess 2

I do feel bad for you in the sense that with a job such as yours it can be pretty stressful dealing with such situations. However, I am a person who suffers with an anxiety disorder myself, and I can totally understand what it must be like for this woman. Before I went on medication, I used to have panic attacks because of the most inane things, ie, I'd be at work, trying to focus on an important task, and I'd have difficulty concentrating because the phone lines would be ringing off the hook. As it turns out, my condition is due to a chemical imbalance in my brain known as Serotonin Deficiency Syndrome. So while I do have some sympathy for you, because I myself have some experience working with dispatch and I understand that dealing with people calling in can sometimes be difficult and stressful, I'd say this is more of an FML for HER.


got to love room inspection wednesday and btw he/she did not reveal and info about the person all he/she said was that someone had a panic attack no names ages nothing of the sort.

xThatAsianGurlx 0

At least you weren't having a panic attack from a vaccum lol

ArtIsResistance7 1

Better than having someone come in panicking, because they stuck their dick in the vacuum, and needed you to get it out

sallen0046 4

So what you're saying is that your life is fucked...because you had to do your job. You're not only a complete asshole, but you're also a moron.

kaijapapaya 0

For real! I don't get why this person is complaining.

Erh96 0


NewKidirus 0

fhl, your a B,

bangscr3w 0

i think this a stupid fml you work at a fucking hospital doing ur lazy ass job isnt a fml .....i kno how u fucking naval hospital people are a bunch of lazy losers

I hope you gave her a talk about evolving before trying to do people things.

niles_f1 0

I hope somebody gives you a talk about tolerance.... with a baseball bat.

that sucks. well in this case doesn't suck.

Bend_over 4

People have die of a panic attack, asshole.

Bend_over 4

OMG! I forgot a 'd' at the end of 'die'... Please forgive me, Pendatik!

Bend_over 4

You seem like a “simple” for just pointing out a little mistype. At least I even knew what my mistake was. Anyway, I was adding on to your comment on how simple the blunder was. I wasn’t taking it seriously, unlike you are. Now the question is: do you feel superior about yourself by putting other people down with their grammar, due to the impression you gave?