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are you sure its not sentient?

I don't blame you, those things are terrifying. Fyl.


are you sure its not sentient?

Now that would be frightening O-o

Next time, burn it.

\ 28

Those things gave me nightmares as a kid. I'd keep wondering "how the FUCK do these things know how long they've been sleeping?"

There's nothing scarier though than being a kid, having the furbee across the room on the desk, and then having it go off in the middle of the night by itself. Those things used to freak me out so bad.

My Blinkie did that. I remember it freezing while making some really annoying sound (so the sound looped).

That's scary

Furby never forgets, his love is forever.... FOREVER!!

I don't blame you, those things are terrifying. Fyl.

Yea reminds me of a gremlin!!!

They really are! And their eyes! Oh THE EYES! >.

furbies = pure evil

They freak me out a lot, I hate when in the middle of the nights it woke up and start making noises, I was waiting for a demmon to come out of it

Do you not destroy them afterwards to protect yourself from their magic?

Furbys are fucking demons they sometimes make these screeching non-furby sounds and are even 'alive' without batteries...

Those demons always worked without batteries. I knew I wasn't going crazy when I was little, glad to know others shared the same experience as me.

I had one as a child that I removed the batteries and threw outside, where it was under bushes for months. Then one day when I was doing yard work chores, I came across it and it started moving its mouth. The voice box was ruined so it didn't make noise, but I took a hammer to it and swore Id never have one ever again. I actually get heebie jeebies walking past the display at the store now that they're selling them again!

place a clown doll to return the favour.

Or anything Mr Blobby related, commence the nightmares

Whoever first invented those had a sick sense of humor

put her hand in warm water while she's sleeping, that'll teach her!

so cruel

the furby will just take her hand out

Are you furreal? Oh wait, wrong toy.

Was it one of the new ones? With the screens for eyes, or one of the old ones that had plastic eyes and blink? The older ones were a little freaky.

I find them both equally creepy. The new ones just look and move creepy and the old ones would cuss at me. (right out of the box too!)

Omg it cussed you out?! That is too funny. I could never manage to teach my old one to say anything.

Furbies would not cuss, in fact it is a common misconception that furbies repeated what was said to them, which is simply not true. The NSA even banned them from their headquarters in fear of deluging secrets. The truth is furbies come with a dictionary of words to use and they are 'unlocked' with use of the furbie. The more you know.

The newer ones aren't very creepy. Actually they are. The ones that are all crazy colored will talk to each other. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to hearing them talking to eachother..

I would have screamed too...those things are creepy!