The devil is in the details

By Sad dad - 11/02/2024 05:00 - United States

Today, I went to court to get custody of my son from my ex. I was denied because I spelled his name wrong on the court filing. FML
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I doubt that's why, but if it is then that sucks and fyl

Really? YDI. If you didn’t know the correct spelling, you’re a joke of a dad. If you did and just ****** it up, never do important stuff without your coffee.

If this is true was the judge in your case the same one that let Kyle Rittenhouse go free?

Sounds like a problem that either your lawyer or their clerk messed up on as you should never be representing yourself. If they or the court clerk misspelled the name then it is up to them to refile at their expense.

You can't get the most basic info correct about YOUR OWN SON and you expect to be taken seriously? I bet you don't know your own son's date of birth either.