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  Mama4ddk  |  15

What if it's the roommate is lying? If it's a female roommate she may just be trying to get the boyfriend to break up with his girlfriend so she can have him. And if it's a male roommate well we already know where this is going. Of course it could just be communication of the worst possible kind you should talk to your girlfriend when you find her. Even if it is the garbage disposal or bathroom closet. Good luck OP

By  Mannerheim  |  0

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The room mate could have simply been misinformed - or perhaps the girlfriend is somewhere (eg out at a club or visiting a friend that the boyfriend doesn't like) that the boyfriend wouldn't approve of.
It doesn't always mean she has another boyfriend somewhere.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Or maybe the roommate was just guessing, maybe Marie didn't say where she was going but she usually goes to her boyfriend's place so her roommate just assumed that was where she went. Or she was actually on her way to OP's house, but maybe had to make a stop first so it took longer than normal. Could be anything, really. Don't assume the worst without more facts.


He said that: " I've looked all over my apartment" hahaha it sounds like ur looking for a cat or something.

"Marie are u in the dishwasher again? I told u not to go in there!"