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By  Sady_Ct  |  36

In Australia that’s considered a federal crime with life in prison as the result. If your story is tru talk to the police, and notify your manager

By  nemcali  |  33

She committed a crime because she intentionally tried to spread the virus. Even if she gets only a fine, she’ll think twice before doing something that moronic and irresponsible next time.

By  KhalisKat  |  6

Intentionally spreading a disease is punishable by jail in almost every country, I think. Go file a report and the idiot arrested. Hope you didn't catch it, though..

By  Bogrbon  |  18

That is not just assault, but battery, as she touched you, and on top of that, in many states that becomes also a terrorism charge, as it’s inciting fear and attacking/threatening with a biological weapon. It could also be considered attempted murder if she’s truly positive. 20 years in jail sounds about right.

By  lj2000  |  5

I see posts like this and wonder why ppl let strangers get anywhere near close enough to do this. In times like this you get your ass beat for violating personal space let alone touching strangers.

I just had a guy get nose to nose with me, threaten my life, and then spit in my face which got in my eyes. All because I asked him to put on a mask since he was hacking and coughing all over food product in my store. Oh and I already have severe PTSD and Anxiety. This didn't help at all.