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By  raingirl  |  5

There are worse scenarios. You always hear about strippers and porn workers putting themselves through college and having successful careers afterwards. Having money issues now doesn't doom you to a life of poverty. Do what you have to do and before you know it, you've got the job you needed and the best life.

By  Chazzster  |  20

It’s good to have dreams and a goal...

If you really want to do porn, then be aware of the risks and downsides and follow your dreams. And also figure out what you are going to do or say if or when you are outed to your friends and relatives, because it inevitably happens at least eventually.

But if you just want to make some money it may not be the best option for you. Most female porn actresses have careers that are relatively short - just a few years. There are exceptions, but those ladies with relatively long careers are not the norm. For every successful porn actress there are probably a hundred or more “wannabes”.

I’m not in the industry but I do like watching porn from time to time - Ideally with my wife. Here is what I think makes a good porn actress:

(1) Attitude and enthusiasm - They act like they are enjoying the acts they are doing, but not so over the top that it comes off as just hamming it up.

(2) Sex skills - They are good at various sex acts and know how to please their partner and themselves.

(3) Appearance - The look like an attractive version of the role they are playing and know how to dress appropriately and when and how to take it off.

By  Matt Much  |  12

Congrats on the healthy life style changes. If I may make a suggestion though, go into business for yourself. It's not too difficult to start your own website, do the work you want to do, and make more money than working for someone else.