Running gag

By TheJoker - 12/05/2009 05:25 - United States

Today, I was jogging in my neighborhood when I saw a kid's ball roll over to where I was jogging. I stopped, grabbed the ball for the kid and went to hand it to him. He then yelled, "Stranger danger!" and his parents came sprinting out. I had to explain the story to the police for 30 minutes. FML
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Well, he's safe at least. What a brat. I blame the parents for giving him fear without intelligence.

immafiremylaser 0

That's what you get for being a considerate person.


And I thought my parents were overprotective.

Stranger Danger? I know EXACTLY what kind of parents the kid has: Parents who also say their child is gifted, no matter what (or, otherwise, its 'really creative' if it fucks up at school) and have a set of family rules, such as 'wednesday games night!'. FYL for sure.

great minds think alike :D I was thinking the same thing :p

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What sort of idiots would call the police because someone tried to give their kid his ball back?

lol so he stole the kids ball then must have Benny painfull :D

been very go dam fml screwed up my comment lol screwed up

14- The same kind of "idiots" who'd listen to their scared child over a total stranger, maybe? Still, FYL.

WAS HE ASAIN i bet he was

#7true just adding to it y would someone make up a bad fml like this one

#7 just because you've seen it before doesn't mean it's made up I'm sure this has happened multiple times to multiple people people these days are so unreasonable and paranoid when it comes to things like "stranger danger" that it really wouldn't surprise me

YDI - don't you know you need a lawyer with you nowadays to do something like that? i mean, come on! to hand a ball back to a kid you need to first sign a contract stating that you will hand it back in the same condition it was rolled to you in, the receiving party will need to accept within so much time, etc.

are you kidding me?


186, Yes he was kidding, and I hope you were too.

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smart kid! well it sucks for you. but with all the crazies out there in the world, at least the child knows what to do.

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Smart kid? Are you kidding?

what's 'fuck my life' about this? Seriously? Oh golly gee a stupid family wasted 30 minutes of my time FML FML FML

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Excuse me, being suspected of pedophilia and kidnapping is not a mere "inconvenience."