Run Away

By dman92 - 09/04/2017 14:24

Today, while babysitting, the power went off. My little cousin pointed into the dark kitchen behind me and asked, "Who's that man standing there?" FML
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Time to move!

species4872 19

Your little cousin senses the dark side.


Please tell me (or rather all of us readers) that your cousin was joking. Because if they were, I'm so sorry that such a messed up joke had to be played on you, but that's hilarious as fudge (purposely censoring the word on own here). If they were being genuinely serious, I'm terrified for you and your relatives.

lcupcake 2

well on the positive side, you obviously weren't murdered, as you were able to post this. Good luck eith your new friend.

LEbleuDESreves 10

heart attack!!!! O.O