Road rage

By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - Germany - Mannheim

Today, my car is still in the shop, so I asked my psycho brother to drive me to the mall. He sped up to nearly 20 km/h over the speed limit, so I shouted for him to stop before he got us both killed. He hit the brakes in the middle of an intersection, and wouldn't move again until I got out. FML
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20 km/h over the speed limit and you're freaking out? ydi for being an annoying backseat driver

loserboii 11

If he's your older brother he's doing it right.


HAAA thats funny.... I'm the first comment

loserboii 11

If he's your older brother he's doing it right.

Once I read psycho, I expected something this crazy.

I can see how the word "psycho" gave it away.

2- I hear you, man. I don't have a brother or sister, but my older cousin did something like this once. OP- You should have stayed in the car until he either got bored of waiting or a cop showed up.

He's in Germany too, so he'd better get used to it unless he wants his brother pranking him on the autobahn, eh?

20 km/h over the speed limit and you're freaking out? ydi for being an annoying backseat driver

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20km can be quite a big difference you know :S

No, twenty MILES per hour is a big difference. Twenty km more is like...8 mph more? Pfft

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I was thinking the same thing

Well it's actually 12 in mph. Could be some difference.

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It doesn't seem like a lot but depending on The environment they were driving in it could have actually been very dangerous, plus he might have been driving recklessly in addition to the speeding.

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There are tons of calculators online that will tell you what 20 kmh is in mph, why are there so many wrong answers? I also seriosly doubt going over the speed limit by 12 mph is that huge of a deal anywhere in the world, but it is a big world. Where I live cops don't stop you unless you're going 15 mph over the limit. Try doing just 12 mph over the limit on the expressway in Chicago during rush hour, that shit will scare the crap out of you.

Okay, thumb me down for obeying the law... You obviously don't realize that driving is a privilege, not a right; a privilege that many of you obviously shouldn't have.

It's not that speed limits shouldn't be obeyed, because they certainly should, OP's reaction to an extra 20 km/h was just excessive. Sounds like if a collision were to happen it would be because OP startled/distracted the driver, not because of their speed...

20km/h over the speed limit where I'm from is enough to have your car impounded. We can't know for sure whether what OP's brother was doing was really dangerous. We have no idea of the weather or traffic. So for all we know they could have been in an empty road on a sunny day. Although OP is from Germany, I am assuming it's snowing there at the moment, and since they were driving to a mall there was probably some traffic, etc. So what he was doing probably was fairly dangerous. I mean, endangering other people is a dick move to make.

My god, in Australia we get nailed by the police for going 5km over the speed limit, if we went 20km over...sweet jesus that fine would be HUGEEE.

what I'm wondering is what the speed limit actually was

bredahl 26

Well depending on what law you are abiding, you could be breaking a law. Well at least in the state I live in, it's possible. Yes, there are speed limit signs all over, but if traffic is going faster/slower than the posted limit, you must follow the flow of traffic for safety reasons. Going slower than the flow of traffic can be dangerous depending on how traffic flow is.

kitkatkit 4

Speed limits are too low anyway... Especially if you're driving a car that goes 0 to 60 in seconds. Where I live, all the limits are lower than that. I drive 20-25mph over the speed limit no matter where I am!

You're going to kill somebody and then say it wasn't your fault.

Megan98 18

Where I live you can get away with going 5 over for sure.

BellaBelle_fml 23

kitkatkit - Then you obviously should not be driving anywhere if you're that reckless.

#47 Very true. You get pulled over and given a ticket/points if you go over the speed limit by 10%. Her brother would have definitely gone over that limit, but I still think she deserves it if she already knew he was (what she considered) a psycho behind the wheel. I'd never ask anyone to drive me somewhere if I considered them unsafe.

Are you serious try living in Ohio the cops will pull you over just for going 7 over so to me its a big deal if I don't want a ticket

I live in Canada and go 20 over all the time. I've never gotten pulled over

Interesting to hear all of these view points from around the world. Where I'm from if you're not going 20km/h over on certain roads you are actually causing a hazard to other drivers, you essentially become a moving road block. The attorney general has openly stated that any tickets for going less than 10km/h over are to be thrown out. I guess it really depends on where you are in the world.

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What I'm wondering is why they make you go over the speed limits instead of just raising them?

OP is from Germany. I'm stationed in Germany and most parts of the autobahn (highway, motorway, etc) have no speed limit. On country roads standard limit is 100 kmh (62.5 mph) and city standard is 50 kmh (31.25 mph) it's very common for local Germans to do 10-20 kmh (6.25 - 12.5 mph) over the limit even in the cities. Although OP is technically right, I imagine he was being overly hysterical to get kicked out of the car. Or else his brother really is a psycho (then he should have known to shut up and deal with it) ydi

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I can't think of anyone who actually drives at the speed limit all of the time. Being a motorcyclist I am very aware of the dangers on the road, and 20kph over the limit is well within safe conditions, unless you have the reaction time of a sloth on LSD (which I would love to see). It is perfectly safe to exceed the speed limit most of the time, just drive however fast is safe.

Well, given that he is in Germany, and that he stopped in an intersection - that looks a lot like he drove in a residential area. Going 70 km/h rather than the allowed 50 km/h - that would be a bit much.

What if the speed limit was 120 Km/H ?? and plus what if they got pulled over by cops ? wouldn't that be bad regardless of speed?

Here in Canada it's 100km/hr on the highway and everyone does 140.

Well if he is a psycho, why did you drive with him?

It's got to be better than walking right?

I would rather walk than lose the ability to.

Maybe because his car was in the freaking shop.

Three thoughts: 1 - 20 km/h = 12 mph. You may just be the biggest wuss on the planet if 12 over on the highway is a speed worth freaking out over. 2 - If he's such a "psycho" driver, why is it your car, not his, that's in the shop? 3 - You're in Germany, thus you're lying that there's a speed limit on the highway.

Maybe he got his driver's license from a fortune cookie! Maybe he got his manner's from a junkie, and maybe you got your nerves of steel from wheaties! Either way, get the **** out!

I know some junkies with damned good manners, actually, and they'd be terribly offended by your comment.

I think you shouldn't scream in these situations just ask him politely to slow down

I don't think you ever been on panic mode before. How can you say something polite and calm when you know you are about to crash and maybe die.

tom08 3

Doubt she would have died with him going about 12 mph more... Plus it was inside street (hence an intersection), so he was probably going 40mph at most...

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A passenger in a car should never scream or freak out. That just scares the driver and distracts them. Passengers can't control the car anyway. I refuse to drive with people who yell or gasp or shriek simply because it makes me a less safe driver.

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It's hard to be polite when you think you're going to die. I do have a lead foot and my mother has freaked out in the car many times due to my driving. So far I haven't gotten in any accidents, which I'm thankful for. On the other hand, I've been on the other side of that, in the passenger seat with a new driver. It's incredibly scary because they do tend to make more mistakes. They overturn, they turn too quickly, they slam on their brakes instead of gradually applying pressure. They don't hesitate at intersections in case someone decides to run the light. Some new drivers are excellent though and are great with abiding by the general rules of the road. Possibly because they've had classes, but I've gotten in the passenger seat with a new driver that hasn't taken any classes. It's scary. I'm not saying that the driver in this situation is a new driver, and maybe he should be more cautious, but if that's the way he drives and that's how he's used to driving (and not just being an obnoxious dick), then he probably knows what he's doing.

I got in a (very minor) accident due to this exact thing. She was screaming "don't let the truck infront of you! He's too slow! Change lanes!" and it was giving me massive anxiety. Since then I refuse to drive with her, she's not worth my life.

Dude, there's a reason you won't lose your drivers license for driving 20 km over the speed limit. Though it might not be allowed, it is not life threatening, but it does require a bit of extra concentration. You shouting at him will break his concentration, making something slightly dangerous truly life threatening. So YDI for being such a pussy and not believing in your own brother. Also, since he's your brother you probably know how he usually drives and if you have a problem with that: Don't ask him to drive you. Also people, realize it's 20 km over the speed limit not 20 miles.

It depends how he was driving. If you're just staying in one lane going 70-80k its not bad. But if there's other cars on the road and you're swerving between them it's REALLY dangerous, especially since its winter right now and its easy to lose control (I'm assuming they have snow in Germany right now, but I'm not sure).

yoursucklives 36

yes they have snow in germany

8- your an idiot it is "life threatening the reason there is a speed limit is because that road it not suitable for anything higher, also if everyone else is doing 60 and your doing 80 your going to have a hell of a time avoiding cars. You lot are idiots or have never drove a car, in Australia we say wipe of 5kmp it saves lives

You are an idiot if you assume all speed limits are perfectly set for all conditions; in e.g. Sweden our speed limits have to be suitable for both dry roads and snowy winter roads with the low sun in your eyes.

Wait so in Sweden everyone has to drive 10 kph on all roads? You said they're set for snowy slick conditions. There's plenty of times when it's not safe to drive faster than 10 kph. I'm sure you can think of at least one. Your argument doesn't make sense and it doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Maybe you think 10 is too low okay so you get to make up your own number. Imagine driving on a road on the worst wintry day. How fast would you feel safe going? This is a rhetorical question because I would not believe your response anyway.

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Says the 19 year old that knows everything

Yeh I'm wrong for thinking 20k over the limit is just plan stupid, you don't need to be 40 to figure that out, also if there are bad weather condition you go way under the limit common sense that limit is just a max you can go.

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In Australia, if you go 20kms over, you will be fined $800 and your license will be suspended. Why you ask? Because Australians know that being a ******* dumbass gets your ass killed. 20kms does make a difference especially when the driver is a phyco who pays no attention to the road rules or the people surrounding them.

You auto get out of there. Das very careless of him and despite being at an intersection, I wheelie hope for your safety that you got out.

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A bitch nigga....that's that shit I don't like!