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By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - Sweden - Norsborg

Today, it was the first time I was going to fly first class. I ended up in the bathroom almost the whole flight with diarrhea. FML
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DalPozzo13 10

Welcome to first class

I bet that poop was the best poop you had tho. #sitting on that first class toilet!


Boygenius50 8

That's...a shitty situation.

Eye see what you did there....? No? Mm mm? Never mind.. ._.

At least it's a first class bathroom!

DalPozzo13 10

Welcome to first class

Lauren10102 3

Sorry :/ I hope you got that out of the way though so you can enjoy your vacation :)

noto_fml 0

Shit goes down in first class

At least they have a bit bigger bathrooms in first class.

Well hope you enjoyed the shit now have fun in the vacation and when you go back home enjoy the 1st class flight.

Dr0reos 8

Yeah but I bet those first class bathrooms are still way nicer then those seats in economy class. So i guess there is a happy ending to this story

ConesOfDeath 0

Why does everyone assume it's vacation? Maybe OP recently got a job that requires a lot of flying and the airline finally gave OP a first class upgrade? My uncle delivers semi trucks and flys. This sounds like that situation to me...

I bet that poop was the best poop you had tho. #sitting on that first class toilet!

More like your food took First class straight from mouth to ass.

Inheritance 10

Captain: "Excuse me passengers we are experiencing some extreme turbalance please fasten your seat beats." OP: "Fuckk .." *shit everywhere*

TheBonzaiGirl 0

Actually, if OP would have called "shotgun", he/she would have gotten to use the captains potty AND sit up front. Little known fact.

Well at least you got a first class toilet :)

I put a thumbs up because of that dog

That's a new mile high club

No, your an idiot

At least you got to shit in class. Shit happens. What a shitty situation. Shit was "running" pretty badly huh? Puns have all been used! Youre welcome fellow commentors.

I love it when people have to make sure we're aware that those were all puns. I never would have gotten that if it wasn't directly stated.

At least u got to use a first class bathroom

A few of you are wrong. The bathrooms in first class are exactly the same size as the ones in coach. The only difference is the OP could have asked for a hot towel to clean his/her booty afterwards. :P

Also, they smell nicer. Until I threw up in it. There wasn't enough time to get to the economy one.

Well that's disappointing! No golden toilet?

Awwwh... ;,( So no diamond incrusted toilet paper and gold toilet seats.

See the good side of it, I am sure the first class bathroom was worth it! Besides, your life cannot be that bad if you can afford to travel in first class!!

Something in the food? Those bastards

It was the salmon.