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By Anonymous - 27/09/2020 08:03 - United Kingdom - Bristol

Today, I lost my virginity. Today, I also learned how to fake an orgasm. Twice. FML
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bobsanction 18

Instead of fake orgasms, try real communication.

icalledhisname 11

No one should ever fake an orgasm for any reason. Either you need to get off or you don’t. It’s possible to enjoy sex without an orgasm. The best sex I ever had was with a partner where neither of us ever got off, it was about being in the moment. Communication is everything, don’t learn to have sex badly like that, you’re setting yourself up for a very unfulfilling sex life when it can and should be soooo good. If you WANT an orgasm, you just really need to find what you like to do to make it happen.


wrenavery90 12

No. Absolutely no. Do not do that again. He'll never get better if he thinks you're completely pleased. Please speak up. Or guide him. Something.