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  nanxi  |  30

Um, why. Boyfriend and girlfriend or not, OP has no obligation to give the boyfriend first dibs on the project, especially since they knew exactly what they wanted and that it was not suited to the boyfriend’s style.

  evilplatypus  |  37

If I’m getting photorealistic done on MY BODY I want the absolute best of the best. Not some who thinks “yeah, I could probably do that”. Photorealistic is a specialty that is sooo easy to mess up, even if you are an expert that specializes in them.

  Pan  |  1

Ummm, NO. Just imagine how well it would have gone over with her boyfriend if she’d allowed him to actually draw a mockup and then ~rejected it/him~?! That would most decidedly NOT have gone well.

By  esa_wicked  |  8

I know exactly how you feel . My husband is a tattoo artist and does all my tattoos. I once mentioned about getting one from his competitor and he was PISSED. But, my husband specializes in everything tattoo wise. Tell him to expand his work horizons 😬