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Monday madness

Today, I noticed I'd mislaid one half of the "Monday" pair of socks from my "Days of the week" set that were a gift for my birthday. I'm slightly OCD. I think I'm going to rip the floorboards up if I don't find it. FML
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  krez  |  20

"Slightly OCD? You sound full on OCD."
Except someone actually suffering from OCD would probably not use "OCD" as an adjective.

  kapippenger  |  0

Solutions- throw away all socks and buy socks that are all the same, become a nudist, or quit having to have control of everything all of the time. That's all OCD is.

  DynamicDave  |  11

If OP is anything like my fiancée, finding the other sock will be an all day ordeal. She has obnoxious amounts of socks and I'm pretty sure her room eats things when she's not looking.

  rawr_ily96  |  24

#59 That's what I thought after looking for the promise ring my boyfriend gave me (which I stupidly lost and still feel horrible about) for a whole 24-hours nonstop. I quit looking for it. Still hasn't shown up.

  LovestoSing  |  1

About 60% of all missing socks are really trapped in the washer or dryer. They get stuck under or behind the basket and can't be retrieved unless it is removed. Just a random fact! ;)

By  bubbywaldo  |  0

Tearing up your floorboards will make you crazier than not finding the sock. Think of the unsatisfactory job the repairman will do! It's your zen opportunity for patience.

  Susieee_Q  |  9

Jeesh, guys. Lighten up. No one's saying it's "the answer" or "not the answer." Just something funny to say. (: Calm down.

Why so damn serious all the time on this site?

  Arch27  |  27

Exactly. Those who have such problems almost never know that they have them.
e.g.: Crazy people don't go around saying they're crazy.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

#78, I agree about the crazy part but people with actual OCD usually seem to know it. I dealt with a woman once who was the unfunny reality of Nicholson's character in As Good As It Gets: compulsive hand-washing (they were raw and bleedy), door locking, etc. It was fucking sad and I met her after years of therapy. OCD doesn't always go unnoticed.

That said, if you've got the blues, don't call it depression and if you're anal, don't label it OCD.

  SpeshulK  |  0

I'd say that he's got full OCD and it's obvious to everyone around him. I mean, he was given a method of planning his sock schedule for a birthday present