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By  slhiggx  |  7

There must be a desire for an open relationship between or by the other spouse for it to be something you proposed, I’m just assuming.
It’s not really a sabotage if you are both strong minded, trusting/trustworthy, and have mutual respect. There are plenty of married couples who pull off having an open relationship. It’s about setting boundaries and having strong communication skills, with the same end result in mind.
If it’s not something your spouse wants, don’t press further. If it’s something they’d like to explore, I would suggest mentioning how you actually feel about it. And move from there.
Just a suggestion.
If there’s any jealousy, it most likely will not work out too well.
Also there’s always they exclusive unicorn couples always try to find. Maybe that would be a better option?

By  Chazzster  |  20

Never suggest something that you wouldn’t want your partner to accept.

Do not ask a question that you cannot handle an honest answer to.

I assume OP was hoping for a reassuring negative to the question. My own wife sometimes asks questions that she thinks she knows the answer to or makes a statement that she expects me to tell her is not true just so she will be reassured. Frankly I think this kind of behavior is immature and counterproductive, but both men and women sometimes do this.

By  QuEeNy01  |  2

To be fair, an ex wanted me to try an open relationship. I wasn't into it but agreed hoping it would help our issues as he made it sound. We came up with a contract together LOL little did I know, he already had someone in mind and I quickly realized this was NOT for me. It was too late.