Kitten time

By Anonymous - 26/04/2021 00:30

Today, I came home from putting my 18 year-old cat to sleep to find 3 months worth of prescription food, medication and cat litter on my porch. It isn't returnable. FML
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Turn it into a positive and donate it all

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Amazon will take returns. if it's from Chewy, I know if you call them they've been known to reimburse you, and then telling you to donate it. Sorry about your loss.....

Get in the phone with customer service & cry ur ass off Don't stop w/out at least store credit

I'm so sorry for your loss. Why not donate everything to a local shelter or SPCA? It may help you feel better, and who knows, maybe get a new kitten while you're there :) Best of luck!

I'm deeply sorry for your loss. I hope that you can do something with the prescriptions/food and litter.