I'm bad at confrontation

By Trippy Penguin - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff

Today, I accidentally forgot my glasses in a store bathroom. When I finally noticed, I went back to find that someone was wearing them as he was walking out of the store. I didn't have the balls to call him out on it. FML
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well have fun paying for another pair, op next time, grow a pair and speak up!

Battledog5006 0

grow a pair pussy


SpicyGrass 0


anonnie 0

Will grow a pair and speak up!!

SpicyGrass 0

No, I'm good.

Was the guy big?

rebekahmarie 0

Um, why not? YDI

perfect example of a busy

Battledog5006 0

grow a pair pussy

What's a "pair pussy"? And how would one go about growing one?

Bubblerider 3

That's not what he meant. He should have said "Grow a pair, pussy."

I_R_Genius 3

#21, Do you not understand sarcasm? Apparently you don't with your feeble mind.

dudeitsdanny 9

^ Do you know what sarcasm means? It was a joke, not sarcasm. Not by definition, at least, don't know about the intention.

I'm really confused now, I thought he meant "Grow a pair of glasses."

MrLaryRottweila 1

I think he meant a pair of glasses

YayaInLalaLand 0

Unfortunately, he doesn't know proper grammar. Remember kids, would you rather say "Let's eat, grandma." or "Let's eat, grandma."?

if your uncle jack was stuck on an elephant, would you help your uncle jack off the elephant?

rallets 22

could be worse, it could be "lets eat out grandma"

this game of telephone *really* sucks. |the kid|

23- you have the best picture! Hahaha, I laughed so hard. (: good job. 51- that was pretty freaking hilarious too!

Bubblerider 3

Just making sure, because half the people on here aren't being sarcastic and really don't get it.

#86 Punctuation goes INSIDE the quotation marks. She was right. You lose!

aren't we talking balls here?

sototallyawesome 0

punctuation goes inside quote marks.

well have fun paying for another pair, op next time, grow a pair and speak up!

that's what she said!

the devil woman raises a good point

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near sighted or far sighted?

Omg cool, I didn't know female comments go through without moderation :<

i_love_grrr 0

Wtf? lol

If comments had to be moderated before they were posted, more than half would not make it ( especially the ones with bad grammar).

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sounds FISHY

I wonder why op had his glasses off in the first place in a public bathroom. ydi

He was going blind because of what he was doing in there.

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wow OP it's ur fault YDI u should've called -.-

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Wow it's not an FML if you could have done something abt it - but that's just my opinion :-)

FYLDeep 25

Looks like someone just... *puts on glasses* stole your glasses YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

dudeitsdanny 9

*steals your glasses* Now what? Huh? HUH?! Not so cool now, are you? I chose this reply over the "OP wishes he could still do that.." one.

this is fucking perfect. |the kid|

24 - You sir, just made my day