By hatesurf - This FML is from back in 2009 but it's good stuff - Peru

Today, I was surfing. I saw a cop writing a ticket for my car, I swam as fast as I could to stop him, I got caught in a wave, and smashed onto the rocks. I ended up with a huge bleeding scratch on my back, a broken surfboard, and a note saying that I had a flat tire. FML
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You poor bastard.

Who writes a note saying you have a flat tire? Wouldn't it be kinda obvious when you get to your car? It's like putting a note on a car saying "YOUR CAR IS BLUE. I WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW THIS." I mean I get the friendly gesture and what not, but still. It seems like a visit from Captain Obvious.


what does writting mean? PROOF READ SON!

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It rhymes with knitting if that helps

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Easylazy.... That helped me a lot!

sarcasm these days are just soo fun =]

your durfboard got a flat tire? that sucks

I was 39001 chooser for this fml!!!

You poor bastard.

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Now I have Wipeout stuck it my head...

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Wipeout! How did you figure such a genuine idiotic idea of stopping the cop? What a delicious mess you got yourself into.

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Wow, that really sucks. FYL

you really thought running to him and begging would stop him?

In Peru, yes. For a reasonable fee (much less than the actual ticket) you can get out of a ticket.

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exactly what I was thinking

wow what an honorable police force they have in peru if you can just bribe your way out of things. can you get out of murder charges this way, too?

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i've bribed myself out of tickets in america lol

Explain to me how could he be surfing in Lima. I don't get it.

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I feel more sorry for your board than for you.

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i know, those can't be fixed easily...

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Your a retard u shouldve just stayed out

ArbiterOfFML 24

There are so many grammatical errors that I wonder, who is the true retard?