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By Anonymous - 31/12/2021 23:05 - United States - Denver

Today, Betty White died. What a great way to start the new year… FML
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Agreed. She was a legend. RIP Betty White. 😥

And John Madden. And Joe Manchin is still alive. 2022 is shaping up to be worse than 20 and 21. New Year. No other adjective and no exclamation point.


And John Madden. And Joe Manchin is still alive. 2022 is shaping up to be worse than 20 and 21. New Year. No other adjective and no exclamation point.

So what is bad about Manchin? Is he bad because he didn’t want to waste trillions on programs that the country doesn’t need? I got by raising my kids, as a single father, most of the time, without free preschool, and free daycare. I had to pay for them out of pocket, just like millions of people had to do prepandemic, now suddenly it should be free? I don’t think so. I wish my Govt would work on trying to curb inflation (I was 6 when it was at this level last), and gas prices, you know, the things that hurt most Americans more right now.

You were lucky to have a job where you could get by paying for everything and there was affordable day care. I'm guessing your job had health insurance. Many don't. Manchin is a hypocrite. He's a budget hawk when it comes to poor people, but when it comes to the bloated military budget, he's Daddy Warbucks. The BBB package only seems big because it is spread over 8 years, and the CBO says it is small enough to not meaningfully drive inflation. Just because you didn't have help and got by doesn't mean its a good idea to leave those behind you to sink or swim -- we're a civilization, not a jungle.

No I had jobs that paid a little over minimum wage (most were $9-$10 hr). Many didn’t offer health insurance either, so I was always afraid of what would happen. In fact, I had to declare bankruptcy at one time, and let me tell you, having over $200 a paycheck taken out every two weeks for 5 years is not easy to handle when you only make $10/hr. Let’s just say OT was a saving Grace, but most of that was eaten up in childcare and school costs. I know what it’s like to barely get by, but I also learned how to manage as well. Even today, I have a job that offers health insurance, but it’s so shitty, ($7000 deductible before the insurance even kicks in) that I hope I never need to use it. I pay $210 every two weeks for that benefit. Thank god my wife has a way better insurance through her job that covers the kids. My issue is that the current administration is avoiding the current problems (like 40 yr high inflation, gas prices being higher, and shortages in stores) trying to get free childcare and preschool for the future. Fix the issues that we have now first, then look at the future. His own policies caused 2 of the 3 issues he is ignoring.

No, they are not. Biden released oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and gas prices have come down. I guess he caused inflation and supply chain problems by curing Covid (Let's Go Brandon!) Do you want Joe Biden to drop everything and become a long-haul trucker to address these problems? Covid is just endemic in VUSA, but it's still a pandemic in UUSA. You don't need to travel far to get a passport to change your country -- it's a shot that you'll barely even feel. That's a right-wing ploy to get super-focused on immediate concerns to the complete exclusion of long-term solutions. The administration has enough resources to focus on both.

@mike3775 - I feel bad for your kids having a dumbass as a father.

Agreed. She was a legend. RIP Betty White. 😥

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I’d like to think she died on the 31st specifically so 2022 wouldn’t start off with her death. She loved us that much.

Betty lived like a legend and died a legend. She wont soon be forgotten.

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God bless her beautiful soul. 💞