Good girl

By bianca131 - 10/11/2015 03:42 - Australia

Today, I was having sex with someone I've been casually seeing. He got all weird during it, and said, "That's a good girl". Once he left, I told my housemates about it. Now every time I do something nice for them, they respond, "That's a good girl". FML
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Did he at least give you a treat and a belly rub afterwards?


Haha shouldn't have said anything

cheshireau 26

I agree. Kind of asked for it even if it was just an unusual thing said to you. Friends are great like that. And family too. Shit stirrers

Yep I agree

I'm sorry this doesn't have to do with the FML but I'm new and I was wondering how are the "names" if the FMLs(near sex of the OP) are decided since you can't submit a name for your fml when you write one

if you have an account it will show user name.

Did he at least give you a treat and a belly rub afterwards?

No, but he did throw her a bone ;)

Both? Talking about spoiling here.

I think you may have won the Internets for today 9!

dammit! I wanted to say it!

Doesn't matter. Had sex! :)

He put a bag on my head... Still counts!

mthurston 14

I just had SEXXXXXXX!!!!

They're being annoying. They'll snap out of it soon enough.

This is hilarious, sorry, OP. Don't worry though, I'm sure one of them will have an equally awkward sexual experience and share it with you as well and you can tease them about it back. If it's really bothering you, you can always be up front with them.

I'd let it ride. They'll get tired of it eventually if it doesn't get a reaction, but if they're anything like my friends, saying that it bugs you or anything would make them do it more often and for a longer period of time. My friends would turn it into a nickname. They still bring up nicknames from over 7 years ago

Just ignore them OP, they'll realize how stupid they're acting..

pleasedie 22

I'm sorry OP but frankly thats quite hilarious.

AnOriginalName 19

How do you know OP's name is Frankly?

Question is, are you going to see him again?