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Today, my parents found my stash of alcohol. They drank it all within a single evening. FML
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How much alcohol did you have? And why the hell didn't they share?


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op should steal the car and drive the gas tank empty.

^Yeah because laws have always been undeniably fair and awesome. That's why we still live in the original 13 colonies.

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46; I find it highly unlikely that an adult would be unable to take away alcohol from their parents when they got into their "stash". However, as an underage child you would be able to say and do nothing to get your alcohol stash from your parents because you are not supposed to be in possession of it in the first place. A minor would probably have a few small bottles of some fruity flavored wine cooler/Smirnoff/etc and a near-empty bottle of some fruity flavored vodka, some small amount of booze that would take nothin for an adult to polish off - and I imagine the parents /did/ finish it off in one night to keep it out of their minor's own hands. As a lesson, if you will.

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be glad they didn't scold you and ground you! if I had one and my parents found out they would kill me! literally!

When I was underage and drinking I always kept a half gallon of ketel one in my drawers and a case of beer in my closet. Don't you say that all teens keep small stashes. Of course I have a high tolerance. And also don't say that it's dangerous. What is dangerous is stupid people drinking too much and becoming more stupid and then hopping behind the wheel of a stupid car or playing with stupid fireworks and dying. (or worse killing someone else) Nothing pisses me off more than a minor who thinks they're mature enough to drink and then drives.

61, thats not much unless you have 10+ bottles. Now that's a stash.

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if your hiding a stash, it's probably because your underage or live with your parents at 25+. hard to tell if YDI or FYL.

No, 72, that's what I always had. It was like the basics. I wouldn't be caught dead without it. I had fifths and various other stuff too.

55 - I lol-ed at your comment about underage drinking and i somehow feel thay you were trying too hard to post an intellectual analysis of the situation. A stash just means it's kept somewhere safe and out of sight, and OP doesn't have to be underage for doing so. Maybe OP has young childen of his own or simply doesn't want to decor his living room with alcohol bottles or something. Who knows? So yea get your facts right before you go gung-ho on a comment next time.

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The words "my stash of alcohol" imply that the OP is underage. Automatic YDI

97 - At first i thought you may have missed the comment above you or maybe you're just plain dumb. But then i read your profile and found out you're a troll, a 31 years old one to be exact. So..... yeap lol.

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shit my alcohol stash consists of half a g of vodka a pint of hot 100 and a liter of captain

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Some of you act like you never drank or tried to keep alcohol when you were underage. OP just didn't hide it well enough, do yeah, it IS a YDI. As for the amount of alcohol in your 'stash'.. no one gives a shit.

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109-Sorry I actually didn't read that comment, I just commented on the first comment with my initial reaction to the FML, I honestly didn't follow this thread at all until you pointed it out to me. Also, I made that birthday up for the purpose of not allowing the creeps like you who read my bio to learn how old I actually am. So nice try.

109, he was born in 1970. That means he's 41. DERP.

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And one more thing: My bio birthdate is in 1970, which would make me FORTY, not 31. So now, not only are you a pathetic creep who feels the need to insult others for not reading a comment thread and then creep on their bio, you are also incapable of simple math. So that's funny too.

For everyone bragging about their alcohol stash when they were a teenager: no one gives a ****. Seriously. For whoever said "Nothing pisses me off more than a minor who thinks they're mature enough to drink and then drives", last time I checked, adults drink and drive too. I agreed with your comment until you specified that only minors piss you off when they drive drunk.

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Shit that other guy beat me to it, thank you good sir.

Yo, aight. Adults be pissin me off too when they be Rollin ****** up. But when dem mo ****** minors be thinkin they hot shit and then they go kill some nigga! Now that is the kind of activity that I find quite aggravating.

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those tiny bottles you snuck off the plane when you went on summer vacation don't count as a stash lol

I agree with 91, most of us who have grown up and aren't slobs put our alcohol away. I keep mine in the cupboard above the stove, and even my wife refers to it as my stash. I like how someone said if they were an adult they could just take the alcohol away, as if the parents are babies. Seriously, have you tried taking alcohol away from someone intent on consuming it? It's not pretty.

#92 What I'm getting from this FML is that OP lives with his parents. I find it less than likely he has children of his own to hide alcohol from or a living room to clutter. This leads me to believe OP is under age. Also the fact he's referring to it as a stash when there was probably not a great deal there if they drank it in one night. When I was an adult living at home still I didn't need to hide my alcohol and my parents would never have drunk it without asking first. Now I have my own place I still the same still applies if they come to visit. If OP is an adult and his parents have a drinking problem or are prone to this kind of behaviour, OP either shouldn't have alcohol in the house or should have it locked away. Many things lead me to believe OP is under age, it's far more likely that this is the case.

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ahh by the looks of it you don't need it. you got to be easy with out it

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lmao 181 you're not 41 are u? you're probably like 12. and to call someone creepy because they looked at your profile is horseshit. i have my actual birthdate on mine and u know what? I DON'T GIVE A FUCK. why? because no one ******* cares. no one is going to care how old u are on this site. seriously. now stop thinking that you are so damn important and simmer the **** down.

Boygenius50 8

Haha obviously I'm not 41. And I'm sorry if I'm not comfortable telling a thousand random people I've never met how old I am. If you are, that's good, I'm happy for you. You want a cookie or something?

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Why have people not come to reality yet? Why do we prohibitive use of a naturally occurring liquid? I mean as in it is easy to make. things that are readily available and don't really hurt anybody except the already idiots should not be monitored. Marijuana too. My life philosophy is that if your friend kills himself due to alcohol poisoning... good riddance another idiot gone. How do you honestly drink so much that you die?

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haha a whole clan of alcoholics

55, that's bullshit because a 17 year old girl died because she drank 15 shots of vodka.:

I'm not sure which part you're calling bullshit on but you're aware that 15 shots is not a lot of alcohol right? I'm also pretty sure the alcohol she was drinking belonged to her friends parents so it wasn't a teenage kids stash. 15 shots could be enough to kill a small teenage girl and she was unlucky. I can easily manage 15+ shots and I am smaller than Shelby Allen was, 15 shots is not a huge amount for an adult.

How much alcohol did you have? And why the hell didn't they share?

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Good idea beef. Only a retarded bull frog couldn't tell the difference between alcohol and gasoline.

I'm mr bucket put your balls in my mouth

2-They were probably too drunk after the first four to remember to share. (speculating)

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OP, that's probably better than what most parents would have done. Now you just have to buy more. Done.

hey.. I was wondering how do teenagers get alcohol when they're underaged? my parents don't let me drink but I have enough money to buy my own.

I know how, you wait 'till your ass is 21.

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you dont need to be 21 in canada haha losers

YDI for having a stash of alcohol while underage.

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You can't just assume that the person was underage.

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32; Why would an adult have to hide a stash of alcohol from their parents? Please spare us the bull about how minors are always assumed to be doing wrong, blah blah, etc. It is fair to assume that the OP is underage, and the reason that they had to stash away their alcohol was because they aren't legally allowed to have it.

You can't just assume he's not underage either.

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Maybe his parents are alcoholics so he has to hide it from them and considering they drank it all in one night it sounds very likely.

KatrinaKitten 16

OP could be a legal adult still living in their parent's household, and therefore would feel obliged to hide their alcohol. Is it fair to say that the OP's parents have had prior experience with a large alcohol consumption, and therefore OP would have to keep a stash for his/her own use? I I never tried to "spare any bull", I simply suggested that the OP could be a legal adult. Your theory is most likely correct. No need to get worked up about it. Before you go on and a derisively accuse me of any wrongdoing, please consider that.

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46; I find it highly unlikely that an adult would be unable to take away alcohol from their parents when they got into their "stash". However, as an underage child you would be able to say and do nothing to get your alcohol stash from your parents because you are not supposed to be in possession of it in the first place. A minor would probably have a very small amount of alcohol that would take nothing for an adult to polish off and I can imagine the parents /did/ finish it off in one night to keep it out of their minor's own hands. As a lesson, if you will.

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I agree that 46's theory is a bit off, but it's a bit futile questioning the unknown, is it? How about we pull on our big girl pants and grow up and let it go? Especially seeing as in your argument, you failed to raise any coherent points. I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say that minors are unable to do things about alcoholic parents...Can you please clarify that, because I'm certain that it is quite common for "minors" (if the OP is a minor) to be able to successfully steal and stow away stashes of their parent's alcohol. Also, some "minors" can play a part in helping their parents overcome alcoholism through institutions such as the AA, etc.

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the OP might be underage but you don't know. or maybe not and hes a loser and live with their parents. well never know

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Sure let me clarify. As an adult-child you could do more as to physically ridding the house of alcohol, holding your parents car keys, physically taking away alcohol from your parents' own hands if need be. As an underaged child living in the house, it would be dangerous to try and do so, and your efforts to do so would be futile, because an adult alcoholic can go virtually anywhere and get alcohol if need be, and if they are such extreme alcoholics would become physical with their minor children in the event that they tried, in certain cases - not all. As an adult you are better able to act in those situations with an alcoholic, but I agree that minor children can /support/ their parents with alcoholism via AA and the like. I meant nothing else by it.

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Um. Or they stashed away their alcohol so their parents wouldn't drink it...

KatrinaKitten 16

Monikabug, Thanks, I understand what you're saying now. I think that you're right about that. However, I think that's unfortunately beyond the point, seeing as it's all about how the minor was making an effort, futile as it may be, simply because it's the best he/she can do. I guess what 46 was trying to say was that the alcohol stash was partially a result of an effort to stop their parents; I don't think he or she was trying to suggest in any way that hiding alcohol is an efficient way to stop alcohol abuse. Of course, there's always a question if alcohol abuse even exists in the household, but then we would be debating "what-if's?". Frankly, I find that a waste of time and I won't delve any deeper into that matter.

Monikabug 9

In any case, I still frankly believe that the OP is an underage kid, mad because their parents found their stash of booze and drank it, so now they have none. It's not /that/ easy for a minor to get their hands on booze in most situations (so that's where their FML comes in), where as an adult could just go out and buy some more, and wouldn't need to "stash" it anywhere. I'm sure that the OP would have included the information that their parents are alcoholics as to further clarify, if that were the case anyways, because it would further their point. But I agree, now we are over-examining this simple situation.

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Here's a thought: who cares? This is FML, no need to get your panties in a bunch over a minor detail. Sheesh.

Whether OP is a minor or an adult really makes no difference its YDI. If OP is under 21 then its illegal. Even if OP is over 21 they still live with their parents and therefore have to abide by whatever guidelines or rules set forth. The mere fact that you all are arguing over what my 10 yr old son could have explained to you seems rather silly.

KatrinaKitten 16

91, Now you're just reiterating a prior assumption, so is it fair to say that this case is resolved? I think so. Judging by the number of thumbs downs on your comments and the slew of commenters expressing their utter disgust with arguing over this, we should, as I mentioned before, further discussion is useless. There's not a thing more to be said.

screw all you people and your long messages!

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My comment was thinking maybe OP is of legal age and likes to enjoy a drink here or there, but OP's parents are alcoholics so he has to hide his alcohol so they won't drink it. There are just a lot of unknowns here. Personally I think 21 is a ridiculous drinking age. Obviously some teenager can't handle the responsibility and get shit faced all the time, but I think if you are responsible it doesn't matter. I used to drink with my mom back in high school. We'd have a bottle of wine or margaritas or something but not enough to even get buzzed. I'll give my teenagers booze if they're responsible enough to have 1-2 drinks and not get stupid (and they should be responsible enough since I'll raise them right). Someone said the other day "if you work like a man, you should be able to have a beer like a man" and I totally agree. And I wholeheartedly agree that if an 18 year old is old enough to die for our country, they're damn sure old enough to drink a beer. But that's a little off topic.

I'm of legal age to drink (early 20s) & I have to hide my booze. My mom doesn't want alcohol in the house. She always tells me she's worried that I might end up like my father. She knows I drink, I just can't do it in the house.

everyone needs to get off their high horse and enjoy the Internet!

Ok, I think we got it. For the love of FML, cut the crap now.

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you don't know he's underage

It's safe to assume that all my fellow commenters are attempting to appear intelligent by utilizing a vast vocabulary, which is minimally needed in an argument where neither party knows anything about the author of this FML. LOLAMIRITE? So quit arguing over lolla-by stories you keep imagining up just to oppose a person.

or the possibility that op i home from college has not got a place of their own yet. "stash" could imply a personal collection for themselves as ops parents could be alcoholics. Though stash means hidden technically, it can also be used as to say put away for a later date. In this scenario op may just not have the money to buy booze for his parents to drink. Many possibilities. That said Monika seems opinionated to a fault and looks for the bad in all situations. Get off your high horse.

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Double K is striking them out!

KiddNYC1O 20

139- Good point. I was going to say it doesn't necessarily mean it's hidden, it's just a stash of alcohol.

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I agree with 106, **** the long messages I didn't even feel like reading the rest after the first one. This is an FML and it's not about you, so just laugh at them and stop posting your 'logical' explanations about OP's age. Who the he'll gives a rat's ass!

KatrinaKitten 16

140, Double K! I ******* love that.

KiddNYC1O 20

my friends parents have a stash so the underage kids cant get to it. so it is plauseable for some over 21 to have one

indeed. me and my friends are all of legal age and we have our own stashes. albeit the stashes are like a bottle or two but we do that because we want to have it for later and our parents and/or other family members/ friends like the same stuff we do and we don't want them drinking it on us. and in response to previous arguments the OP could have been out of the house when the parents drank their stash.

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monikabug just shut up already. I don't think anyone cares about your long winded comments trying to make yourself not look like an ass for the dumb things you said

A7X_LoVeee 10

182, she stopped replying a long time ago. Just sayin.

All of you, please shut the **** up already. Just read the ******* FMLs without taking it apart piece by piece and finding faults.

Thank you Katrina for your essays. Since this means the world to you FML will just let you win whatever it is that's gotten you so worked up. For ***** sake! THIS IS THE INTERNET. No one gives a shit or two about little details. No need to start a hardcore debate.

One day you'll all think back and laugh about it... maybe.

that actually makes sense. if you don't think about it.

well it was probably theirs in the first place!

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Try finding a better hiding spot next time.

aguin8 0

don't drink much or either they're raging alcoholics

that's one ugly broad...but I'd still do her! giggity giggity gi-ga-dy!

take a picture of them so you have them under you

IndiRae 9

What would the picture have against the parents? They're adults, completely aloud to drink.

completely allowed to drink..stealing from their child's stash of alcohol and getting totally drunk? OP should describe the situation when he/she walked into them

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What? They wanted to party like a boss and teach you a lesson. Now that is parental duty.

At least you didn't get into major trouble! That was probably their way of punishing you..