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By took it - This FML is from back in 2014 but it's good stuff - United States - Syracuse

Today, while playing a big basketball game, I had to run urgently to the bathroom because of a really hard diarrhea. I took the ball. FML
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Pretty sure that's traveling op.

Also, the ball went out of bowels. I mean bounds.


Pretty sure that's traveling op.

Also, the ball went out of bowels. I mean bounds.

[Whistle!!![¡] And the foul is traveling... all the way to the restroom.

Wizardo 33

Travelling all the way to the bowl and OP scores a slam dunk full of relief...

Hovering above the toilet seat is a two pointer, from across the stall is a three pointer. Let's hope it was nothing but net.

buttcramp 21

#1, hilarious! OP, did someone follow you in to get the ball? or did they just get a new one? I'm sorry this happened to you OP, but we've all had digestive issues at some point and this is super funny.

\ 28

I can only imagine the trouble that OP went through upon returning. So sorry OP

Travel? More like a journey

I guess it's better than dribbling all over the court.

alexlam24 3

Lay up those toilet papers. Yes horrible pun.

tiptoppc 14

The worst foul is what he left TRAILING to the bathroom.

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I think this is the only comment on here that everyone hates. Prepare for a ton of downvotes.

Stop saying those four godawful words!

Would you rather people say "What a crappy situation" ?

Let me try this: Those four words should never be in the same sentence.

no, I'd rather people stop with that shitty pun altogether.

@22 Shitty, what a situation

tacojauns, that's still the same 4 words in the same sentence, just rearranged.

Why must a poop joke come up everytime someone talks about a poop experience they've had!

@37 that's the joke Sherlock....

Thank you for stating the reason it's on an app called FML

Das_is_gud 11

They should make a button for that…oh wait

Nah I don't see the button

iSnipeFatPeople 18

Traveling, all the way to the restroom.

At least you didn't go all over the floor.

Oh my goodness I'm so sorry you had to deal with that. You really were the star of the show for that game :p

I'm sorry OP, but you're probably never gonna hear the end of this.

So did you go back or what?

perdix 29

I hope you were "traveling" fast enough to not "double-dribble" on the court, otherwise they'd be "charging" you for cleaning up the mess.

Slam dunking that bathroom stall.