You won't know him, he goes to a different school

By jennavankirk - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I lied to a group of 8 year-olds about having a boyfriend. FML
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wow. cuz I'm sure that totally impressed a bunch of 2nd graders huh. that's a little pathetic:/

why do you care what 8 year olds think?

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what brought up this conversation with these 8 year opds

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They are her best friends(:

that's stupid, don't most 8 yr olds still think boys are gross?

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I tell my 8 yr old neighbors the only kind of girls they can get are the flat chested ones

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What happens to your ass after you laugh it off?

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8 year olds know what boyfriends are...six year olds even know my grandma was a first grade teacher and I would volunteer to help her and they would attack me with questions about guys all the time!

lol, 42, ive told that to my little cousins

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Today, I'm 8 years old and some pathetic loser lied to me about having a boyfriend! FYL

good job at hiding your secret boyfriend OP.

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I am 8 and find this cool! you get a boy that's a fried! WOOOOW!

I hope they beat you up jk but fyl

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Did they ask you out or something?

5 just made me lol XD haha your meannn! >;p jk

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why the hell did you lie to 8 year olds......I can see lying to teens but 8 yr olds? what the hell do they know about boyfriends?

yeah I agree...doesn't seem like they would care anyways.

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lol yeaa why would they give a rats hatt lol

my little sister is In kindergarten and already has two boyfriends and kisses them and has already seen one of they're penises, so I'm taking in that they do know alot when they are in grade two. ;P

WTF? Your little sister is a Miley Cyrus.

yea, basicly. ;P but I hate her and Miley Cyrus, which makes them even similar.. D:

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# 54 - sounds like your little sister is on her way to being a tramp

that's a lie or they are learning from a very bad role model like yourself !!!!

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Loser. 8 year olds don't like the opposite sex yet anyway. They have cooties!

I know a 9 year old who still says cooties !!