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Today, I was told I don't qualify for disability benefits because I'm too young. I get this answer each time I apply, no matter how many lawyers and doctors I get. My mobility is so bad I've become wheelchair-bound and need assistance to bathe. How much worse do they want me to get? FML
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By  Charlie Given  |  24

I know how you feel sorry for you, I to was denied multiple times I finally found a lawyer who specialized in young cases he got me the Social Security I needed good luck OP 😊

By  Charlie Given  |  24

I know how you feel sorry for you, I to was denied multiple times I finally found a lawyer who specialized in young cases he got me the Social Security I needed good luck OP 😊

By  bl3ur0z3  |  17

Are you applying for SSI or SSDI? You are probably too young to have built up the work credits to qualify for SSDI, but SSI should be an option. Even my nephews have had SSI since the age of 11.

By  lexxiasaurus  |  23

I know your pain, I haven't been able to really leave my bed for the past couple years due to a really bad back injury I got from being a housekeeper, I am really small and so the carts and all the things needed to be a housekeeper was just continuously fucking my back up. they didnt file a claim because I didn't work there past 90 days :/
I tried moving to laundry or front desk atleast and the manager didn't budge, he loved how fast and efficent I was, because the other housekeepers couldn't really keep up. anyway. yeah disability is also out of the question for me. but not for age because I dont have enough cumliative hours of work to qualify although my back has always been a worry for me.

the system is so fucked up.

doctors don't believe me when I say I'm at about an 8 of pain almost daily because I'm not uncontrollably crying, but when I do cry they say I'm being dramatic and the pain shouldn't be that bad 😌

By  indienerdgirl  |  27

That's crazy! I'm sure you're talking about SSI. I've had mine since I was 18 but I think it helped I have been sick since 9 and had a brain surgery at 16. Anyways yes apply then apeal the denial. Most of the time it takes a few tries to get it. But it's crazy that with your mobility being so limited they would deny you for your age! Especially if this isn't the first time you've gone after it and you've gotten worse. But another commenter was right of you're trying to get SSDI you probably won't get it as you won't have enough work under your belt. Anyways maybe a good lawyer can help out? Good luck OP!

I know exactly how you feel. The first time my family applied for SSI for me I was 12. That year I was told the genetic blood disease I was born with, had destroyed both my hips. I needed a double hip replacement. They don't do hip replacements on kids under 16. So instead I was placed in a wheelchair for two years and due to the underline condition only allowed to go to school half a day. Somedays I couldn't go at all. My father, also disabled, had to give up the little work he could do to take care of me. We applied for SSI. Then told I was too young and my mother, a teacher, made to much money. Fast forward to 18. My hips healed themselves but every now and then they go out on me. I am hospitalized all the time due to my bad blood and must use a wheelchair, crutches, and a walker sporadically. Every job I get I can't make it past the 90-day pulmonary period due to all of these things. I reapply, told again I was too young and had not put in enough into the Social Security system. I applied over and over again. Finally almost 2 years later they approved me. and paid me from the first day I applied. DON'T GIVE UP! KEEP FIGHTING DON'T GIVE UP! And please pm me if you need to talk to someone that has been there. I should also tell you, that my hip issues are back and I'm back in my chair.