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By Anonymous - 24/08/2018 14:30

Today, I was told I don't qualify for disability benefits because I'm too young. I get this answer each time I apply, no matter how many lawyers and doctors I get. My mobility is so bad I've become wheelchair-bound and need assistance to bathe. How much worse do they want me to get? FML
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bobsanction 18

Don't keep reapplying. The system is designed to deny applicants. You need to appeal the rejection instead.

I know how you feel sorry for you, I to was denied multiple times I finally found a lawyer who specialized in young cases he got me the Social Security I needed good luck OP 😊


Paul B. Gyurcsanszky 14

Thank ObamaCare! I was qualified for SSI disability before ObamaCare. Now because the rules changed I not only not qualify but have to pay back $23,000 to Social Security.

With the advice already given do not give up. Age should not be a factor as I have a twin brother has been collecting since his late 20s.

Don’t give up. Work with a lawyer. Even with one, my case made it to a hearing. Judge stopped me mid sentence and granted on the spot. She didn’t understand why it had to go as far as her.

CozWhyNot 3

Dead, probably 🤷🏼‍♀️

This is America

This irritates me as a Govt worker, even though I don't work in disability. If you don't qualify due to age then you don't qualify. It's not about your level of disability. People like you that just keep applying when you don't meet the basic eligibility are the reason other people's claims take months to be processed. You tie up the system wasting everyone's time. I'm sorry you have a disability and mobility issues, but follow the rules like everyone else. Wait until you're the eligible age and then re-apply.

You obviously don't know how ssi and ssd work. I was on ssi since I was 10 years old, so being too young is not the issue. The real issue is social security not guiding people to the correct forms to fill out based off your situation. They don't help people unless they already know what they are talking about and the way social security works.

littl3storm 29

I'm autistic as well have other issues. I was denied too but appealed and now its going to court. I was basically told I wasn't autistic enough as I'm female. the system is designed to reject us, you deffo need to appeal

Have you worked? Maybe you're accidentally applying for the wrong type of benefit. Disability benefits are given to people who have work history. Supplemental security income is for people who need help without work history. I know what you mean though, I'm in a wheelchair, if someone bumps into me, I break a bone.... yet they still ask me every year if my permanent disability has resolved. 🤣