By Zach - This FML is from back in 2015 but it's good stuff - United States - Lewes

Today, I found out the only reason my parents haven't kicked me out yet is because of my OCD which makes me clean the house every single day. FML
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Sucks when parents use their children.

I am sure they enjoy your company too! On the plus side if you ever want to move out, everyone loves a clean roommate!


Sucks when parents use their children.

JMichael 25

can't blame them for taking advantage of it tho

#4 Actually, yes you can blame them. It's not nice to take advantage, especially of someone's mental disorder.

I bet it's nice living in their house and eating their food.

so u r implying ops parents should kick him out? thats a nice sentiment.

#46 - They're nice enough to let OP live there. They don't have to, and a lot of parents wouldn't. Letting OP clean the house in exchange for a roof over his head is hardly the worst parenting in the world.

I thought that was the point in having children? So they could do all the work for you when they're big enough.

You don't even know the age of OP. Maybe they're still a teenager.

The thing is, you don't need to know the age of the poster in this situation. If OP is under the age of eighteen, he cannot be kicked out. If he's over eighteen, he should just be grateful that he has a place to live, regardless of the reason. A lot of parents *would* have kicked him out, as I said before.

incoherentrmblr 21

Would being a germaphobe be apart of their OCD or would it be separate from their OCD?...

tantanpanda 26

#52, it kind of is, or it's at least a bonus.

I am sure they enjoy your company too! On the plus side if you ever want to move out, everyone loves a clean roommate!

1dvs_bstd 41

Just out of curiosity, what makes you so sure that they enjoy OP's company?

Everybody loves a neat roommate. An OCD clean-freak roommate is as horrible a roommate as a Pigpen.

Agreed! My flatmate is an extreme hoarder and this makes me depressed about where I live, so I avoid my flat often (until I move in summer). I'd much rather someone with OCD, as opposed to someone who hasn't cleaned in years (I sadly am not kidding about the "years" part).

If you're going to live there going to keep

MattStro 23

Hey at least they're letting you live there instead of complaining be proactive and make the best of it.

At least being clean will help with having roomates

Unless OP gets messy roomates...

Username735 11

I happen to be looking for a roommate. Hint hint.

Think of it like this: You clean the house, your parents provide you free rent!

I guess cleaning could be a way of you paying them back. And by that I mean like food, a roof over your head, and water. Unless you pay for this stuff yourself...

cadillacgal79 32

Kids aren't supposed to pay back their parents for providing the essentials, they took on the role of being parents, there's no paying back.

erizonkim 17

#21 wow you must be a very good daughter! Your parents must be very proud!

cadillacgal79 32

23 for your instance I do help out around the house, I put in my part, what I was getting at in my last comment was that you shouldn't repay every time your parents, let's say go grocery shopping, you might do chores but you might not chip in money for the weekly shopping

#21, Judging by how your account says you're only 14, you were raised in one of the most laziest generations to exist yet. With the mind set you have right now, you won't make it very far in life. I bet you've never had a thing called chores, kids your age don't have to work for what they want, your parents just give it to you. Good luck in life kid, you'll learn the hard way.

Just because her generation is known to be lazy doesn't mean that every single kid in that generation is lazy. Every single kid is raised differently with different morals and has a different upbringing. I agree with her that you should have to repay your parents back for the essentials you need to live, as having kids, that's part of the job. But as a daughter you should help around the house and do your part. But criticizing a whole generation is idiotic considering I know people in your generation who are lazy, low lifes.

I do kind of get what #21 means though I think - i mean parents CHOOSE to have kids, the CHOOSE to have you (ideally). You didn't ask to be born. I mean of course the gift of life is incredible and we can very thankful to our parents who do so much for us but i annoys me when people say we owe our parents a lot and have to do everything they say. Because we do owe them alot. But they chose to have us, I don' think that means we have to obey them and it doesn't give them the right to treat us badly or anything (not that that is what the comments were saying). #12 the thing with OCD is it isn't just cleaning. It is a serious condition and the cleaning is obsessive - it means you can scrub the same bit of floor til your fingers bleed. So I would say that in this case it shouldn't be about OP cleaning to pay them back. OP needs help and support with this condition.

cadillacgal79 32

32 most recently I've uprooted trees and put headlights on my atv, I'm not lazy like you seem to think, my chores are not so typical than what your kids might do

Haha sorry but I don't have any kids. and I thought it was pretty clear that OP is 18+ years of age, considering his parents could kick him out. So repaying them by cleaning for the essentials like having a roof over his head and putting food in the house isn't anything where as he can by law now fend for himself.

As someone with OCD, I find what your parents are doing is very disrespectful. I'm sorry, OP.

yes ops parents should act proper and kick him out of home. that would be respectful by u !!

STFU, troll. You have no idea what it's like to live with OCD.

tantanpanda 26

#73, but do you think everyone should treat you nicely Just because you have ocd?

No but they shouldn't take advantage of it. It's a mental disorder, and a very stressful one. They don't do quirks like cleaning because they enjoy it, they do it because they feel they NEED to and will freak out if they don't. It sounds like the parents aren't trying to help him at all, and that's terrible.

OCD is a nightmare to live with. It can affect many aspects of one's life (mine is relationship based). I wouldn't wish it on my own worst enemy.