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By dll - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - Canada - Calgary

Today, I had a bubble bath to help me relax. I was more stressed out by the sound of all the bubbles popping than I was to begin with. FML
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Hate to burst your bubble but I will since it irritates you. :D

Dear OP, Get help. Love, The Bubbles


Hate to burst your bubble but I will since it irritates you. :D

blackheart24 10

This reminds me of the fish on Finding Nemo who's obsessed with bubbles. BUBBLES BUBBLES BUBBLES BUBBLES!!! My bubbles.

He was a shrimp ;) i cant remember his name tho... It was somethin french...

Oh for gods sake. Don't have a bath by yourself then. Take someone in there with you and play find the soap!

blackheart24 10

23- You sir, are incorrect. His name was Bubbles and he was a Yellow Tang fish. The creature u are referring to was Jacques, the Pacific Cleaner Shrimp.

#23, You need to watch the movie again.

Normally my gas bubbles annoy me before anything. Either that, or Meg wont stop crying. Ugly child.

free2speak 14

if I see one more bubbles pun, I'm going to burst with rage! ;)

tylerwynn420 3

lol smoke some weed

Pixar kicks the asses of Dreamworks and Disney with such stunners as Finding Nemo! Don't get me wrong; I love both Dreamworks and Disney, but their sequels blow! (a bubble pun intended)

I'm pretty sure Pixar and Finding Nemo are Disney.

nonnieluv 9

30- I love your picture. If Jim Parsons wasn't gay I would have his babies.

Pixar is a company not a movie. Pixar is an independent producer of animated movies that partners with Disney and/or Dreamworks for distribution. It was started by George Lucas, then sold to Steve Jobs before his return to Apple.

blackheart24 10

Also, the movie Finding Nemo was a Disney-Pixar Production. Both companies worked on it.

IKR? That sound just pisses me off. Once, I yelled at the bubbles to 'shut the hell up'...

noto_fml 0

You should write a FML about it cause that's pretty sad.

You yelled at the bubbles? I think you need help.

2- I recommend the therapist on the next block. As for the two comments above me, agreed.

Whenever I have a bubble bath I never really hear the bubbles popping...sooo.. am I just not buying the right bubbles?

I tink tat if u haz poni in ure bathz ure will bee happee :>

BehindU 5

^41 not sure what the joke is but your sending me into a grammar nazi frenzy. *think* *that*

BehindU 5

*you* *have* *ponies* *your* *baths* *you'll* *be* *happy* (Collapses on ground panting)

I hope the bubbles yelled back at you to "shut the hell up and enjoy the f*cking bubble bath you created!"

I've heard bubbles popping in the bath. OP might have really great hearing or a really silent house. I know some people go crazy hearing their blood.

My thoughts exactly! What kind of fancy audible bubble bath are you using, OP? I love bubble baths but I've never *heard* mine do anything aha. Well, unless you count the time my cat fell in.

We really need a sarcasm font.

I'm assuming you're joking, but people like this exist. This is the reason Xanax was invented.

CrassKal 27

Really? Bubbles? Try playing some music next time.

BehindU 5

I think OP just wanted something to be stresses about

xXxIracebethxXx 14

I love bubbles... Blowing bubbles is relaxing and fun. OP also must have super sensitive hearing cause never in my life have I heard a bubble pop.

Gelli baff is where it's at..

omarzrgz 3

I don't understand how that causes stress....

OP should try popping bubble wrap, show those pesky bubbles who's boss!

free2speak 14

I agree! this kind of borderline annoys/irritates me... how the hell can bubbles cause stress? Please if anyone can explain the rationale behind this, I would be grateful!

I think OP wants total quiet, but if you're next to bubbles, they constantly pop right in your ear - it can get annoying.

how does a bubble annoy ANYONE? Sometimes I just can't even believe if some of these FMLs are real or not anymore.

rcgirl2 11

If you're that stressed out, then I think you should go to a spa, or go to a therapist.

Or OP could just hop in the tub at home after a glass of wine. It'll relax him/her/it a little. Just a glass or two though, we don't him/her/it to drown, right? :)

It? Yeah, drink three or more glasses of wine (and/or take muscle relaxers) can cause a person to get too comfortable, possibly momentarily pass out taking in a lungful of water and then dying from dry drowning.

Dear OP, Get help. Love, The Bubbles

Hahaha! I don't know why, but that's funny. X) I love comments like this. Thank you. :D

Nothing a bubble beard couldn't fix! Or a bubble bra. Sometimes, I pretend I'm a mermaid.

Urbanchiller 0

What do you do, flop around the floor waiting for sailor to charm?

No, she put bubbles on her breasts like a bikini top. It's a girl think. We've all been a sexy assed mermaid in the tub.

It's fun pretending to be a mermaid!

Speaking if a bubble beard, I'd pretend I was a merman. With a bubble bra. Mermen can be cross dressers too!

57-you lay there in your bubble bra and pretend to be resting on a rock. btw, intense profile. Is that like reverse psychology to get people to vote rep? 86-yes they can! They make the best pretend merman shopping buddies! I find the best sunken treasures and seashells with my cross dressing merman friends :)

I'm not the only one who does this...IM NOT ALONE!

jerseyboy732 16

I'm pretty sure bubbles in the bath don't make popping noise. just sayin

ohrlynow 9

You must be incredibly tightly-wound for that to stress you out. The sound of soap bubbles popping is hardly audible, isn't it?

That sounds like a bubbly situation.