By Savingforplasticsurgery
Today, at work, I heard a child whisper, "Mom, why do that woman's ears look like that?" The mom replied, "Because she's not smart enough for a good job." I have large plug ears and a degree in mechanical engineering. I waitress because no engineering firm will hire me. FML
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  WeirdUS  |  29

I used to work in a hospital and 98% of our engineering department had tattoos, but most were covered with short sleeves. It really depends on what dept. you work in. If it's on the corporate/business end of things you are expected to have a clean-cut look. As long as it can be hidden it isn't a problem. An image is a huge deal.

By  ImminentDisaster  |  12

I once saw a lawyer with stretched lobes on TV who folded his lobes behind his ears so he looked professional. I can’t remember how he kept them there, but I’m sure you could figure out a way, and maybe even keep them stretched if that’s what you want. I hope this helps you get a job you want. Good luck :)

By  Cz22mv  |  14

You need to find the right fit. An old established company may say no go. But newer companies normally couldn’t care less. You can find these details out even before applying.

By  NostalgiaFreak9  |  40

If you hated your job and were look for any excuse to get fired, look her dead in the eyes and tell her this, "And you're here because you're too stupid and lazy to cook for yourself".

By  Warmonger_Smurf  |  29

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  Nhayaa  |  21

Judging the way you do either, you know. I never understood how the way you look as anything to do with what's in your brain actually.
I have tattoos, piercings, I even had red hair (real red, not irish red) some while ago and that's none of your business what my IQ is and why I choose to be this way or that way.
That's exactly because some people still think your way that she can't find a job with her earplugs when her competences as a mechanical enginer are definitely not related to that.

  Hoolai  |  5

Did anyone ask you for your shitty opinion on what people should do with their bodies? Closed minded people like you are the problem. Nothing is permanent. Educate yourself.