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Today, my university considered it an "embarrassment" that I was going to be the first and only person to graduate from my engineering course, so they gave free passes to two guys who hadn't finished their thesis yet. They were congratulated in the newspaper; I wasn't. FML
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jlmed tells us more.

OP here, since some are curious for updates here it is (I made an account for this!): Sadly there isn't "more to the story", the University wanted more people to graduate and those two guys were the closest to the finish line (aside from myself). I have tried to raise hell, but since this is a very "macho" country no one is willing to back me up. Everyone knows it happened though. The rich old guys who run the University and took the decision in the first place can't even be reached, the only people higher up are government workers who are, of course, all men who are friendly with the rich old guys. Matters like these aren't exactly "priority" even if I did manage to reach an honest person in the government. I'm afraid I'm forced to "get over it" and just move on. Still pissed though. So, I've decided to save up and move to a country where I have possibility of equal pay (another big issue here), so that's all I can tell you guys for now. Thank you SO MUCH for your good wishes and back-up, it's nice to finally see people express the same anger as me. Oh and I graduated in IT Engineering, focused on multimedia, for those who were wondering.

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And then when the recruiters ask about their theses, they'll struggle where you will not.


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That is total B.S. OP. I feel for you! You will just have to focus on your own accomplishment and pay no attention to those other goofs. It doesn't take away from your amazing accomplishment!

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#86 they always favor the women who copy and have sex with their teach instead of the fine white men who do their work and have class and money. Like Steve Jobs. This is a sed stori

like they wont know sh*t when they go get a job.

And then when the recruiters ask about their theses, they'll struggle where you will not.

Honestly, I've never heard of a theses in engineering. At my university, they just did a bunch of projects.

My Dad had to write a dissertation for his degree

your dad probably has a PhD a thesis is normally for a masters degree. least in the US

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Depends on the school. I had to do a thesis project, followed by a dissertation.

why did #29 get down voted so much. They didnt say anything bad or wrong or mean.

#62: it all depends on how many credits the document is worth. Here, a dissertation is expected to take 6 months to complete and can be at Masters or Honours level, whereas a thesis will take 1-5 years to complete and can be at Masters or PhD level. Dissertations are worth less credits than theses, so someone doing a dissertation would also need to take some taught-courses to make up the credits

The FML hivemind is insane, people see dislikes and then they dislike it too

Don't worry OP, you'll still be chosen over those two people for a job due to your knowledge. :)

Don't worry, going forward you are going to be ahead of them even if you all have degrees on paper. I feel there is something against granting exceptions like that but you did go to college to get a degree, which you now did, and other people who also slide in should be ignored and you should focus on yourself however hard that is.

In a country where it's apparently an "embarrassment" for a woman to graduate from a course? I doubt it. She'd be better off heading north to the US or east to Europe if you ask me. I know that here in the US, engineering is an extremely valuable degree.

But in any case, OP shouldn't just let this go. She needs to raise Hell. These other two people earning the same degree from the same university has made her degree less valuable, and the fact that they didn't even EARN it, while she did, just makes matters even worse.

OP I wouldn't be worried about it you deserved to graduate they didn't I'm sure you will get a better job and unlike those guys you will have actually earned it congratulations OP.

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Congrats on graduating and sorry you didn't get to be in the newspaper.

That sucks but hey, that's life its ****** up

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it'll catch up to them eventually

I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles. You'll be fine OP.