By Anonymous - 07/06/2009 15:53 - United States

Today, I was playing around with my sister's kitten. As a joke, I put him underneath the sheets and farted. He attacked my nuts. FML
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BAHAHAHA You got owned by a kitten. YDI so much.

why in the hell would you dutch oven your own cat. you deserved it.


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what's there to scratch?

#2 you hope? Do you care for this man's balls?

I hope they are

m1k3_b0rr311 15

Yea i fucking do ae

are you retarded

BAHAHAHA You got owned by a kitten. YDI so much.

Lol @ 1 haha

Aha. kittehz don't liek persunz wif a tinee dik. Espeshullee wen thei fart on mee.

I'm still waiting for Perdix to tell some joke about him playing with his sister's pussy, and losing his balls in the process

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that a whole new level of animal cruelty

maz_irken 6

feel lucky. it's probable the only time you'll get pu...errr...nevermind

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I'm glad the kitty attacked your nuts. You thought it would be funny to see what his reaction would be, well you found out.

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And this dude wants our sympathy why??? Seriously deserved it!

Okay based on my profile pic u can tell which side I'm on.... He/she is just a kitten, would u do that to a baby? You didn't deserve it... You deserve getting your balls chopped off and hung from your car mirror you sick fuck

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What a what you deserved.

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you don't have testicles, you don't know what it feels like


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LOL, that's too funny. You deserve it for doing that though

why in the hell would you dutch oven your own cat. you deserved it.

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Omg I'm laughing so hard rn

kittykat1501 31

It's his sister's cat

HAHA omg. owned. don't fuck with animals.

somebody call PETA!!!!!!!! jk. PETA is a waste of time. but I do love animals

it's amazing how many people on here do fuck with cats and get owned by getting their crotch attacked

lol I wouldn't mind gettn my crotch attacked.


Lmfao! Kitty ownage! YDI.

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Daaaaaaaayyyyyuuuuuumm hope you can still have kids

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Why, so they can all fart on kittens?

Idiots like that shouldn't have kids.

Your comment just made me burst out laughing!!

YDI, that you jerk Mittens the super ultra crime solving kitten doesn't take shit from anyone!

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8 you made absolutely no sense

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karma xD But like it's such a bad thing? You probably shouldn't reproduce anyway.

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Why the hell would you put a kitten under the sheets? D: Anyhow, your balls must've looked all dangly and fun.