The illustrated FMLs

Today, I was playing around with my sister's kitten. As a joke, I put him underneath the sheets and farted. He attacked my nuts. FML

By Anonymous - / Sunday 7 June 2009 15:53 / United States
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By  simpsonman3000  |  0

i hope theyre not all scratched up

  rawrlily  |  0

Aha. kittehz don't liek persunz wif a tinee dik. Espeshullee wen thei fart on mee.

  Duggie1339  |  13

Okay based on my profile pic u can tell which side I'm on.... He/she is just a kitten, would u do that to a baby? You didn't deserve it... You deserve getting your balls chopped off and hung from your car mirror you sick fuck

By  ZiggyMorrison  |  0

Daaaaaaaayyyyyuuuuuumm hope you can still have kids

By  CodeMonkey123  |  0

YDI, that you jerk Mittens the super ultra crime solving kitten doesn't take shit from anyone!

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