By left-out - 17/02/2013 07:38 - United States

Today, my sister posted on her Facebook that she hates moving because of all of the packing that she and my family have to do. I didn't even know we're moving. FML
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Damian95 16

Surprises come in all shapes and sizes!

Yup, they wanted to surprise you with a new house and a bigger bedroom!! And if that wasn't the intended surprise then congrats on your new roomate! Because you know, you just got kicked out...

Hopefully they don't leave you behind

wlddog 14

It was part of her 18th birthday present. OP gets to start paying their own rent, someplace else.

I wouldn't go to sleep OP. They may choose to move while you're sleeping.

"I didn't even know they were moving" is maybe what you should say 0_o

carleybeak 21

:3 better get movin' and start packing your stuff. Maybe ask your parents why they didn't tell you while you're at it.

iOceanus 18

They were secretly leaving the house to OP as a surprise!

Maybe your sister is just being kicked out.

Well, now you know, so I think you should commit as many felonies as possible right before you leave. Trust me, they'll never catch you.

Love_sosa 10

had to be a jets fan that said something stupid ...

I hope you weren't overly attached to where you live, OP. Looks like you're heading out whether you want to or not.

I knew someone who once made a similar Facebook status for the purpose of making one specific person (a creepy guy who was borderline stalking her) think she was moving out of state. Perhaps your sister has the same motive?

That awkward moment when they run into each other at Safeway.

Exactly! I didn't think it was the most effective way of dealing with a stalker and I told her so.