By wow - 05/05/2011 06:13

Today, my mom confessed that she has to make up compliments to give to prove me wrong when I said she can never say positive things about me. FML
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scottishandrew1 0

that was hard to read....

footballfreak65 6

wow what a bitch


You asked for it. At least she bothers to?

You know why she had to confess when she could have continued? I stole her make up kit.

Let me help you haters thumb myself down. Sorry I couldn't make up a nice positive comment like you asked.

I always thought pessimistic people read FMLs to feel better about their lives and for a few laughs. Who asks for positive comment?

I don't know lol, Singaporeans don't really have a sense of humor. Nah, just joking, my second comment was also an attempt to create a pun.

mintcar 9

People thumbs down just to thumbs down sometimes. Don't even worry about it. EVER!

You know I totally agree with that. Make a religious joke here "Oh woo racist bastard". Tell a joke with American reference "Huh?" is the normal reply

mintcar 9

Sometimes it has nothing to do with what you say. Could be the fact that there's a piece of hair strand out of place in your picture. -thumbs down. - Sometimes you get thumbs down for improper grammar and other times you get thumbs down for correcting grammar. I also just think some of the people on here need to lighten up and take a joke. doesn't bother me one bit. Whether they're buried or not, I still read the comments. And one more thing: HUH?! :)

Oh please don't expect a singlish version of what I just said. My eyes will bleed bringing that lousy excuse for poor english here on a site I love so much... Guess I'm not so patriotic.

Chill, I'm just trolling you from under the bifrost.

Perhaps a troll just got troll-ed

sbjess 8

Op, stop bugging your mom for feedback and live your life..hell what she thinks

she doest love you :D

thebestof1984 0

I just read this 4 times... My head def. hurts now.

mintcar 9

Uh...err...have you lost weight honey? No? Okay.

At least she tried! It is up to you now to become someone worthy of compliments ... you can do it Op!

Brandyn45 0

Whoever can't read this the first time is an idiot idk why people are so confused

OP you have a really complex username! See? I complement you!

missmaryb 0

So after you cried about not being complimented, she started complimenting you, and you still needed to discuss her compliments? I can see her point.