By star71075 - 29/06/2016 04:17 - United States - Olympia

Today, my friend invited me to go on vacation with her and friends, saying we would all share a suite. I booked my flight. The trip is almost here and she now tells me there is no room for me and I have to get my own room. This is the second time she has done this. FML
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star71075 tells us more.

OP here. Just to clarify a little, I have traveled with her multiple times and she has only done this once before. That is why I didn't question anything. Anyway, we have since talked it through and have worked everything out. I am still going and sharing her room.

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I thinks this is a sign not to book trips with her anymore.

First time shame on me second time shame on you


First time shame on me second time shame on you

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The third time, **** the peace sign, get the chopper and let it rain on you - J. Cole

People are told that, but they're also told to give people the benefit of the doubt and give second chances. You're lucky if you've never miss-judged someone who's claimed to be your friend, and OP's friends are stupid for messing someone who trusted them around.

#5 Actually we often 'YDI' the victim here, when they've been had before and fall for it again.

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#3 not exactly how it goes but close enough

Wizardo 33

#48 - Yeah I know the proper lyrics but had to follow the style of the initial comment.

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I was thinking the same thing. There's a reason you're #1.

I thinks this is a sign not to book trips with her anymore.

your 'friend' is a douche. cease all relationships with her and cut contact immediately

So are you not friends with her friends? Sounds like a vacation you don't want to be on.

It's time to get yourself a new friend.

bitch ain't worth being called friend, don't be a doormat let her go.

Forget her- clearly you aren't a priority to her so find someone else who will treat you better

Your friend is either an idiot or doesn't care about you. Either way they shouldn't be booking trips for you. are you still friends with her? She so obviously doesn't want to be friends if this is the second time it's happened... Just sayin.

Since she said you would share a suite and she's backing out, SHE can pay the cost for your room. And after the trip, I would cease contact with this woman. She's no friend.