By lost_ina_dream - 21/02/2010 01:21 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary at the park. I was watching him play around with the wood chips on the ground and thought I saw him making a heart being romantic, so I got on top of the playground to look. Turns out it was the balls of a giant penis, complete with pubes. FML
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So what? Thats what guys do! they draw penises however and wherever they can... its a way of marking your territory... how would you rate his dick drawing anyways?

pandorasnymph 0

or maybe he s gay


Enoch134 0

it's a sign u need to do a better job

ZombieBunnies 0

like being a wood chip model? or interacting with said art piece?

Enoch134 0

oh and of course it had to be Texas swear how do these Jack arses get girl when good guys get trampled on boy am I glad I got my girl

pubes too, eh? interesting.

how romantic! all that effort..

why do people draw penises. i don't remotely see the interest in that

fireobsessed 0

bc they think it's funny which it's really not

tweetbaby14 18

or they are trying to hint they like penis...

Buy some Gaydar and see if he shows up

not really an FML, except that he killed the moment. lol can't help but laugh though. PENIS FTW

how old r u like ten

ringmybell_fml 0

your boyfriend = legend.

gods_hunter10 0

11 we are the goo guys

ryguy997 0

but balls and penises are pubes...

how old is he?!?!?!?!

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or maybe he s gay

garuru 4

how can you mistake balls for a heart oh look a heart no wait those r my big low hanging balls haha

doesn't mean his gay all the guys at school draw dicks everywere including me

@36 all hearts r upsidedown ballsacks its a rule haha

I thought the exact same thing, how can you mustake a heart for a penis and pubes?

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girls THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS when u insist on spending too much time with your bf's. if u didnt smother him he'd be doing this immature shit with his friends and might seem half of a grownup around you. or he's has no friends. or he's like that all they time. I'm just sayin

cindebaby 0

@#49 lmao its true lol...

honestly why do guys draw boobs? i just draw dicks oops other way around

That's not gay

purplemnm 9

your bf is awesome! true <3

and your ugly!

iSwag 0

30 FTW

harsh. but needed, haha

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purplemnm 9

stupid bitchtards... your nose is huge, your pic is hideous all over, and your lips look like sausages.

purplemnm 9

and you fail for posting a pic of a god and then being retarded

someone is PMSing

itsXbanarnar 4

totally agreed!(:

Enoch134 0

oh and did he make you stand at the tip of it lol

p3rfect_ins4nity 0

he was trying to send u a message dumbass! at least that's all he cares for u about he wants to bend u over!

Enoch134 0

you sound troubled m8 ( hang in their)

Enoch134 0

his pic looks bummed out XD

#5: Awesome pic! 

ur not pleasuring him obviously

So what? Thats what guys do! they draw penises however and wherever they can... its a way of marking your territory... how would you rate his dick drawing anyways?

boyguydudemalema 0

i'd rate it 3, due to poor choice of materials. js . . .

but then again he doesn't have much to work with... I say its a 4 for creativity!

snipersdelight 0

this is true what you speak bro

YourOpinionSucks 22

He literally used wood

Hiropon 0

He's certainly a keeper! :3

what the f your bf is fkling kido

Obviously he isn't making a heart. he can make a penis if he wants to