By fabiennemorin35 - 30/08/2016 09:29 - United Kingdom - Cardiff

Today, my boss told me that he’d hired me because he thought I looked intelligent. He then went on to say that it was about time that I proved that I was. FML
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Smart from far, but far from smart.

Well at least you've got one thing going for you.


species4872 19

So I gather your not wearing the beanie cap with propeller anymore.

I'm sorry OP, but I have to admit this made me laugh. Maybe once you've proven yourself, your boss can explore the comedy circuit - like he was clearly born to do?

Well he's not wrong.

Hey my boss used to absolutely despise me 4 years ago, and now she's been promoted once and I'm all the way up to her assistant! You never know. (:

Today, I realized that the person I hired because I thought they would be intelligent failed me. FML

You don't work for Jack harkness do you?

Sometimes I read these and wonder if what I consider "innocent jokes" are in the dark depths of FML